Combat concerns

There’s just BETA and DEMO, so you won’t see actual gameplay till the release. The game even in demo looks smooth and all the stuff, i dare to say, you’ll be pleasant by the fighting system. It’s just requires perseverance and understanding. I’ve spent many hours in beta on combat system, so it won’t be the problem. You don’t need to be concerned about it, cus WH asked people with the knowledge about it and they tried their best to make the most closest thing to it, but yeah, it’s impossible to make 100% realistic combat by using mouse and keyboard.

P.S I really want to explain everything about the game and all the thoughts, by my english really isn’t that perfect to express my thoughts. I hope, you understood the point.

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I have watched about every video i can find. Playstation acces uploaded the ladt one 2 hours ago. A guy got slashed in the face, not a sound, just a stagger and a poof of blood, not a scratch in his face. Its like clubbing ragdolls. EXTREMELY unrealistic. I am not talking limb dismembering or anything. Do not like to gory games. But this seem really bad unfortunately.

You’re thinking too narrowly about things. They made great “sword to armor” connection system - it’s much more important, than to see scratches. If you want it - wait for mods. You, guys, missing lots of things, that WH made on such a pointless things like gore and etc. If you want lots of gore - “Soldiers of Fortune”.

Thx for the answer. I do know that the combat moves and such is realistic, although slowed down, for GOOD reasons. But to me, when you pride yourself on realism, it is not enough to just do so with weapons armor and moves. You HAVE to make the sounds and visuals compliment it. In what i have seen, immersion in combat is just not there. A medieval battle was messy noisy, screaming, crying, injuries. In this game it looks and sounds as if nobody is really hurt.

Ps, your english is fine. Understood you perfectly. :grinning:

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They will add more sounds and small details after the release. Right now, they are very close to launch and they can’t add the things you mentioned right now. EVEN if they are easy to implement, they simply can’t right now. They’ve said it a bunch of times in the forums. If I were you, I would wait a bit before buying the game and watch videos and streams, before making any final judgements about the game.

They’re fine. Shield sounds and etc are good. They’re just recorded like that. I’m watching buhurts and some sounds almost like there, just much clearer. Also, i’ve heard screams and etc, but they’re just a bit quite to hear.

P.S There’s a weekly torch about it(Sound recording).

Read my answer, i did not want lots of gore, i actually do not like that. But i sure would like to feel as a soldier, both visually and audible. And this game seems over focused on combat moves, and realism. But if the sounscape and visuals looks and sounds like reenactment, it totally removes immersion. If you take a hit to the face with a sword, i would suspect at least some bleeding and some immersive sound effects. And concerning combat realism, i would suspect other than, get his numbers to zero and he will fall down without a sound. The only thing real about the combat i have seen so far, is the moves.

I don’t know, what to tell about it, tbh. Your choice. Just wait for streams, vids and etc of the full game, then decide to buy or something. I don’t have files or information to give you about it. They need to record a video with actual sounds, but clearer, than, maybe, everyone are gonna stop making threads like that. xd

Do not get me wrong. It is a beautyfull and well crafted game. The nature sounds, reeeeally immersive. The looks of the towns, the attention to arcitetectual details, the beautyfull realistic landscaping. It just baffles me that the combat, which is a core element seems to be the only part of the game that are not immersive. I might be wrong when the game ships though. But so far, it only seems like bad reenactment. Oh yeah, read the article which was about nature ambience and weapon sounds. Nothing about immerdive battlefield soundscape.

I hope, that you expectations at release are gonna be pleased. Mine are already, cus i believe in Vavra and his team. Yeah, you can’t judge about the game, cus of the past of the developers, but i believe him. And for me, even 2 months old demo looks fine. :wink::ok_hand:

I hope so to. Will wait a while though, to see what people upload. Like the fact thst half swording is in the game though. And as far as i am concerned archery seems well done aswell.

Yeah, but remember: Every fight, should be ended “right”. :wink:

Hehe! If they have implemented it. Have they?

They didn’t, but the guys from Mordhau - did.

Never played that. What i am missing most in theese beta videos are ballesounds like for ecample mount and blade. It sounds like people are actually in pain, some screams here and there arrrgh, and such. Have you experienced that in beta?

Haven’t played for a long time in beta(2 months), i need to check that, cus i can’t remember. But i dare to say, i had a fun time to play it.

Yeah, i could take the game without combat. Like a medieval living simulator. That is how i often end up playing games like skyrim and such. And those features blew me away, the eating sleeping and just existing in a historical accurate setting. Hope they add smithing and trading and such in the future.

Oh, i found wording of my problem. Exactly what i mean is… it seems like WH focused so much on HEMA moves and accuracy, that they made combat seem more like a real life non lethal HEMA tournament than actual battle. Do you know what i mean? That is what worries me.

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Yeah, like buhurts. But, it’s still fun. I’ve replayed beta a lot and had fun time. If not the lags on my PC, i would even play it right now.

Yes exactly! Like buhurt and battle of the nations. THAT is not a realistic battle. That is reenactment. Although it is tough as s*** But this is a GAME not real life, therefor dying and a sense of terror and chaos can be inplemented. IF they want to depict what it was like. But as i said, i think they have focused to much on hema and to little on realism, when it comes to battle immersion.