Crash while opening inventory etc


Every time I open the inventory it crashes. This also occurs when I press “M” too for the map, ‘‘J’’ for quest log, ‘‘B’’ for horse info,etc.
I have a lot of hours into the game, hope this is just the bug that can be solved via a patch.


What patch are you running :running_woman: This used to happen on the 1.2 patches for the consoles I think.

Could be corrupted save files too.


1.4.2, but this problem occurred in 1.4.1 , though it will be fixed in 1.4.2, but nothing.
I reinstalled the game but the problem still remains.
I am afraid it is in the end corrupted save file, but idk. I can play the game normally until I press some of the buttons I mentioned.


Yeah I kinda think you’re right. I would wait for the patch before you delete them though.