E3 2017: Warhorse & Kingdom Come: Deliverance

That bit in there on the hand to hand is exactly why I want a new combat based beta.

So much has changed in the combat I really wish they would have made updates for these important gameplay mechanics.

The region the game takes place in was, at this time, divided into many small territories with many small kings. Henry’s king, Wenceslas, has been kidnapped by another king (a German one!) who is now threatening to take over the region. Wenceslas apparently sucks, though, and the game made sure I understood why someone might approve of the invading German potentate. They also made sure I understood why someone might support Wenceslas, even though he’s a drunken loser who refuses to do his job properly.



His half brother Sigismund is the King of Hungary. Wenzel controls the German lands as part of the Kingdom of the Romans (though he does not become Emperor of the HRE, in part because to accept the title from one Pope would legitimise that side in the Schism and make him an enemy of the other Pope (both promoted by the same group of Cardinals)).

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Sigismund was a half-brother to Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia.
Both had the same father. Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor.
Sigismunds mother was Elizabeth of Pomerania and her parents were Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania, and Elisabeth of Poland.
Wenceslaus mother was Anna von Schweidnitz and her parents were the Polish Duke Henry II of Świdnica-Jawor and Katherine of Hungary.

Wenceslaus was King of the Romans (=German King) from 1378 to 1400 (he still claimed to be King of the Romans but his claims were ignored).
Sigismund was crownd as King of the Romans 1410.
The game starts 1403 at this time Wenceslaus was King of Bohemia and Sigismund King of Hungaria.
So for me it is clear that both were as german as they weren’t.


Please note the new time for the livestreeam today, there is a change, it will be 45 minutes earlier.
The time in the first post is already updated.

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Concerning the animations there are new answers from a WH animator in Weekly Torch, and it’s really disturbing. The animator literally says he can’t tell what’s wrong with the animations in the E3 presentation. :fearful: He also said the moonwalk is there to stay and avoided any question about whether the animations will be improved.


Because he has not seen the livestream. Thats why he can´t tell exactly what the question was asking about.


But how can he not know what animations look like in the game build you present on E3? He must have worked on them haven’t he? He literally says in the interview he is “co-responsible for motion of all characters and props in the game”.

No, he needs to know about the details to give a proper answer. I would have asked him, If he would be in the office, but he left a couple of minutes ago, so I was not able to do that, thats why this was part of his answer:

I can’t really tell more without better description of the parts you found displeasing.

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I am very sad when i read new weekly torch. Realistic animations is very very important in realistic looking game.

Seeing how the game fades in the players for
bad animations like the andromeda would be very sad. :frowning:

But he is the one who is supposed to know the details of the animations far better than someone who watched 2 minutes footage of the game build, he should be able tell what’s wrong with the current animations without anyone from the outside telling him.

But he don´t know what animations he was talking about, or if it was even his animations. The E3 Presentation contains several parts.

Could you please add my gif in weekly torch answer?

I think it’s good when people can see what we are talking about.



Thank you very much for long post about history of the country I have been living in my whole life, but since when is Sigismund called a German king…

In 1411 he succeeds Wenzel as King of the Romans (essentially mostly Germany), and later HRE.

So at that point he would be the ‘German’ King, but in 1403 he is only the King of Hungary.

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Sorry I got it wrong. You also think that Sigismund calling a German king is ridiculous.

It should be up in 5 mins
They just said it will be available offline

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yeah, patiently waiting… its great we can watch it live in normal time :slight_smile:

I just have never heard that title before. He was always Holy Roman Emperor in our school books. It doesn’t make sense to me since the German part of HRE was consisted of small kingdoms or other administrative units in those times or am I wrong?

only 15 minutes? not expecting much :smiley: