How does everyone make money?

I just sell every piece of gear the bandits/cumans wear.

Not that i need to sell everything to make money, i just find it a waste staying there rotting on the fields.

I like clean fields.

I put my excess in my world chest…does it have a capacity? Cuz if it does I’m gonna find it.

As far i know, there’s no limit, but be carefull as the game can bug out, if it has an excessive number of times.

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yea. Its whatever though, really. The game is so buggy, though admittedly it has not really set me back yet, that I play with an open mind with stuff getting lost and having, even wanting, to restart wheh it gets fixed. I sell most of my stuff, but i’m a “keep 1 of everything” guy so there is quite a bit of stuff in there though. Also, I want a house and a trophy wall or something, weapon rack, etc for my cool finds. Would be cool to not have to throw them in a chest I have to pay to access, though its cheap, or travel to Rattay(idk where else this chest shows up)

Do this, but save all the ears until the Custodian near the monastery starts sending you on bandit raids. He pays about 625 for each ear.


Stealing (sell the items for one of the miller), poaching (cook the meat, after sell), killing bandits and cumans. You can collect a lots of money, believe me!

Wow, that’s insane. So, what determines how you get ears? Is it certain bandits/cumins in certain areas once you are on the mission or is it any bandit/cumin kill, regardless of location. All I’ve done is cleared camps and then head straight back to turn it in without looking for or killing any more enemies then what were at the camp; so like 6 ears tops.

Maybe the bandits in the target camp have the ears assigned to their inventory? I’ve not been back to one of the camps to see if respawned bandits have lootable ears.

That would be crazy if you could spawn infinite ears, and save ears, and sell them all for 600+ groschen each

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Extirpate all bandit and Cuman at their camps and battle spawn points, then sell their loot to vendors and millers. Inventory management can be tedious so now only pick up items worth at least 100 or serve specific useful purpose (eg, partially consumed small blacksmith kit)

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The only answer is:



Sell all the gear/food I find on bandits,cumans, animals or items Ive stolen. Than I lock-pick the specific chest that has the merchant gold and steal only the money.
This way I can buy all the gear I can afford on them, sell it back, take less money on item sold to get my rep up with them and the town and than I go back to the specific chest and repeat the process.

You can make good money hunting and selling the meat

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I’ve changed my playstyle. Who needs money? Helping for free. Looking like a homeless and now, people are giving me money by themselves. :wink::wine_glass:

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Archery contests in Rattay. Fire 21 arrows, receive 140 grochen (sp?). I was playing a lot of dice before, but it seems like Immersive Balance really nerfs it.

By poaching and selling gear from unfortunate bandits / cumans who cross my way :smiley:


I killed 2 buck and 1 doe, took all the meat, and bladders and what not I could. Went from around 900g to around 2k with just that haul. Could have gotten more money but I was dumb and cooked t all first and sold it to vendors instead of selling raw to Peshek while it was stolen; still made it really well consider it shot 3 arrows lol

You get about 120meat from a a deer and it will sell for like 3-5g depending on haggle. Take that times 3 and you’re good to go. I would advice dumping all gear into your world chest so you can fill up the horse and then fill yourself up. If you’re carrying too much you cannot fast travel but I fill my horse and all but fill myself and just ride. There is a deer hunting grounds between Sasau and Rattay Mill

Make couple thousand potions with perks havent ran out of money since i started doing this. can make 1000 potion in 15 min give or take…


I used what I believe was the herbalist perk, where you earn slightly more for selling herbs to vendors. There are so many just growing about, it didn’t take long until I had 11K and was ready to start some of the more pertinent quests. Selling plants combined with haggling and improving your strength via flower picking leads to better combat scenarios which leads to better armor, weapons, plus what you sell. It starts aggregating quickly. I think at a point, I would visit the boar site behind Neuhoff and earn around 2.4K in meat. It just went on and on! In the best of ways. After a while however, it felt strange. Even the vendors in Rattay had around 20K. One even had 32K! And after doing so much business with him, Miller Pehsek had around 131Kbin Grochen.