How to play for PC

Im old gamers via PC. I like play whit mouse and keyboard. I se some video and all time play whit pad :frowning: I try play whit “Darksoul” for PC and use mouse and keyboard…this is very bad and no fun play.Whit KD will be this same??i dont want play whit pad…how Team Warhorse do this problem??

What? KCD will be proper PC game, not some poor console port. Game will support mouse and keyboard so as controller.


What they’ve shown so far only had a controller and if I remember correctly they said they make this game with the controller in mind. Also in the live stream all the hints showed controller buttons.

I play RPG 20y, mouse and keyboard is perfect for this game. Whit Dark Souls(PC) i play 1h and don’t have fun whit game and i stop play.Yeah i have PS3 only for easy game whit friends.
I suport this game becuse have big potential … if controls will be whit mouse and keyboard and have option for pad will be great … mount and blade / the withcher show how can do control game nice.
Dark Souls is conversion console via PC / KCD if will be this same??

IIRC they are developing for both M&K and Controller.

They’ve said the target platforms are, PC(Windows, Mac, and Linux-variants), XBOX, and possibly Play station. They’ve said that it doesn’t matter what input device you use the controls will be essentially the same.

the developer viktor bocan already shows himself playing with keyboard and mouse

I not see this movie can you give link??

Yes. But we cannot ignore the fact that, where console controllers are involved, there are concessions made in UI and functionality.

As a result, expect plenty of pointlessly aggravating lists.

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From the unofficial FAQ:

We will optimize the game for all target platforms and fully respect their standards regarding controls and setting (different FOVs for example).


We are developing the game with console controller in mind. Actually, we are developing it FOR that controller. But on PC this will be optional, typical mouse+keyboard will be definitely fully supported which means there will be no confusing tooltips showing controller buttons / sticks / pedals / whatever as a hint how to NOT control it. Mouse will be supported also in the inventory and map UI.

:slight_smile: uffffff i glad read this… after Dark Souls and see gameplay whit use pad im scary… now i be sleep like baby waiting for this game :slight_smile:

Type kingdom come live stream into youtube

I hope they will deliver what they promised, because in the live stream they had exactly those tooltips for a controller. Let’s hope they will be true to their words and we won’t have to rely on mods. Time will tell.