Installer stuck at 99%

Hello all.

I only just found out about KCD yesterday and after watching some of the videos instantly wanted to be a part of the beta. Anyway I just purchased the game and I’m currently trying to install the beta, however the installer is stuck at 99%.

Does anybody have advice as to what the problem might be? I was thinking either leave it all day to see if it finally ticks over to 100% or possibly cancel the install and re-launch it.

Thanks in advance!

Hello, and Thanks for Supporting KCD!

please try rebooting your pc…Have you already ??? Stuck the installer again at 99%?


Hello and glad to! I see great things in the future for KCD.

I restarted the installer and it’s just completed to 100% so all is good now.

Thanks for the quick reply though!

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I’m glad a simple restart solved the problem for you. However, this shouldn’t happen. Could you provide us with your installation logs so we can take a look what went wrong and fix a thing or two?

Logs related to install/uninstall issues are located at c:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\Temp\ (you can also put %temp% into the address bar, press enter, and you will be redirected to the desired folder). The name of the file goes like this: (KCD_Beta_Access_date_and_time.log) Possibly upload the ones from the day of that fateful installation and we’ll check them :slight_smile: .

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Hi again, apologies for my slow reply.

I’ve checked the temp folder and there isn’t a file that matches what you suggested. There are three KCD files named:


Will any of those be helpful? I’m also getting constant crashes in game if you could possibly advise on that as well?

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Thank you. Yes all of them are helpful… :slight_smile:

Please! Open a Ticket. It is easier to attach multiple files in the Support System.

The credentials are the same as here in the forum