Many questions

Sorry for my English (I’m french) and sorry if my questions have been asked but I have not seen real answers from the developers of the game.

the first of my questions is a rumor of the paris games week (PGW). Will there be a French version of the game … if so, will it be the VOSTFR or a complete version (voices doubled)

and the second is: Will there be sex in the game? If so, what kind of sex? nudity? more?


Je sais pas. Je parle Francais un petit peu, and your English is much better than my French. Do not worry about your language skills. I am a native English speaker and I understand you very well.

Warhorse is working on a complete version…

Yes,… enought for PEGI18 rating


I can just verify that informations above my post are true :slight_smile:

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Salut !

Oui une VF est bien prévue. D’ailleurs selon un journaliste de Gameblog notre personnage, Henry, est joué par l’acteur Alexandre Gillet qui est, à titre d’exemple, le même acteur de doublage qui a donné de sa voix pour Frodon.


Concernant les scènes de sex, il n’y a aucun doute quant à leur présence :wink:

thanks. I want this game.

Day ONE for me :slight_smile: in the Xbox One support :slight_smile:

Merci perceval pour l’info. j’avais un peu peur que ca soit du VOstfe… ce qui est moins cool pour l’immersion

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I have little question. How will Henry clean his clothes? Is it only possible in some bath places inside of a big pot or can he also clean it in a river? Will he have to pay for cleaning clothes to someone else?
One more: How long will it take to destroy wooden door with an axe? Is it even possible in latest build?
Will you work on female character quest as DLC?
What about puking. Will it only show from effects of alcohol, or will Henry puke also from spoiled food?
Is lock’s “sweet spot” randomly generated after every reload, possibly different for different players or does it have same “sweet spot” no matter what? So for example, someone makes walkthrough and gives solution to lockpick this chest here, will other players have the same solution for the chest?
What happens when you are over encumbered, sit on a horse that is not over encumbered and able to sprint, will it sprint with me on his back? Are there any limitations?

Here is something about sex for you: 5m9s