My honest opinion on "From the Ashes" DLC


I would be happy to pay 40 Euros for a DLC with those ideas that i posted…


I imagine the market is quite limited though. I wouldn’t pay the same as I paid for the entire game just for a DLC of this nature.


That was just a saying. Of course a price for a DLC as same as the full game is a insult. I only said it to express my point of view.


For the things I’ve listed (similar to yours), I would too


This just proves that i’m not the only one pissed about this crappy DLC. This thing is a insult to the players and fans of the game.


If WH made most of the changes listed in and voted for in the poll, ashes would truly be sublime


Id pay $10 for backgammon to be included.
I grew up believing it to be the ‘worlds oldest gambling game’.

Probably not though…
Ancient man gambled with everything.


…would fit nicely !!!


Instead of playing backgammon on a tablet etc; Id live in this game!


This DLC is so useless that i can have a house for me in Talmberg for free after completing the quest for the Huntsman Nicholas. And let me say, the house in Talmberg is better them that one from the DLC. Them we have an incongruence with the base game and the stupid DLC.

Edit: One correction here, the house in Talmberg is not that better. But is your OWN house, not a floor with some beds that random NPCs uses from time to time.


This DLC is supposed to be a ‘‘building’’ and ‘‘economy’’ DLC but this is of course totally half work. Corvo Bianco is a small part of Blood and Wine, yet it is better as this DLC. In Corvo Bianco I get bonusses for building it that are actually useful, not more money on a chest of 100.000. You get armor reks, horse bonus, stamina bonus, alchemy bonus. You even get a proper garden and wine shipped in, even 2 kinds if you do the right missions. What we get with this DLC are 2 new weapons and 3 new horses which are not even better as Jenda. The weapon Tusk is decent but not competitive. This all while I get 6 new full armor sets with sword sets in Blood and Wine. This DLC is half the cost of Blood and Wine but also 1/50th of the Blood and Wine. This entire city system is not even important as you can already get the Master Huntsman house which is a lot better as the DLC.


You are totally right @FritzFruegel. But compare Blood and Wine to this piece of garbage that Warhorse Studios offers to us, is like to compare a lion with a ant.


The reaction of WH so far seems to be ignore and if they do get critics like the one I gave on their Stream they pretty much ignore it and say it is how it is. They respond to criticism like this. ‘‘If you don’t like this game, so be it and if you like Blood and Wine better then go play that’’. You can be sure of that, looking from the Steam charts, people are doing exactly that, leaving KCD to play a game like the Witcher 3.


Is a nice way to keep people interested in your product and grow your fanbase… Marketing be dammed with this atitude from WH. But i’m happy that so many people see this DLC as a piece of garbage and i see the comments on Steam. I even leave my own not recommending this stupid DLC.


I know you want to criticize, nothing wrong with that.
But you made up a quote to quote it and comment on it? Just beware not to end up into a spiral.


My honest opinion on “from the Ashes”

First, the DLC is a good way of engaging the players more into the game universe, I like the way it’s done, even if it’s a bit simplistic.

Instead of telling you WH what I don’t like, I’m sure there are a big line for that topic, I will explain what could improve the experience.

In no particular order:

  • Inviting NPC’s to your village is a great option, however you can’t invite anyone, just some, I would like to be given the option to invite everyone, some will decline others would say yes. The only option that should block this should be the capacity of the village to house the people you invite.

  • My own house, at least give me a room that is mine, with a bed fit for a knight.

  • Expanding the Village, why can’t I build a guard house, a Baker, a tailor and so on? if I got the money I should be able to do so.

  • Setting up trade routes with other villages is done early in the DLC, however it just end there, there should be a way to exchange more commerce.

  • Protection of the Village, I don’t know how it was in those days, but I guess bandits sometimes came to villages and bullied people to pay or else…
    Would be nice to have some bandits do this, maybe you’re out on a mission and when you come back someone has been beaten or something, break the repetitiveness of the game.

  • That leads me to when you build, please make this process more logical, asking if we are going to build here every single time is annoying, making an alter in church is pretty obvious, and asking this question is silly.

  • Last but not at least, where is my bathhouse, do i really need to travel all the way to another city to get a bath?


You got it wrong. I personally want to do the exact opposite of critize. The thing is, with the content we got, especially for 10 euro, the majorite of the review and talk will be critizing. If we had competitive value for our money, then we wouldn’t have reason to critize. The thing you call qoute, if you refer to me, is not a quote, it is more an overal feeling of the response. In Dutch we use these things for it ‘’ . I think they use it for the same purpose in English. I would use quotes if there was more as lifting shoulders and repeat what they said on other questions as a response to a question. There are many people who have a ton of bugs, yet WH claims the DLC is shorter because of bug fix attention. Of course you are going to get people dissappointed that way. A poor DLC and more bugs while claiming the DLC is less because of fixing bugs.


No fritz he is pointing out, your line is presented as if those words are directly from a warhorse employee. I get there maybe some lost in translation there. But it then spawned further conversation as if the line you used was a fact based quote.

It’s bad form. For obvious reasons.


@Lancelot picked all i been writing here for days and made his own post… Such original from his part. :joy::joy::joy:


well didn’t datamine the whole thread, if you made the same suggestions, then all the power to you, I guess we are on to something here then eh eh wink wink…