New screenshots

We are still working on it to make it as good as possible. The facial animation already look a lot better then some months or weeks ago, and it is indeed a high priority right now.


Could you please tell us about the status of:

I don’t that axes and hammers should have any scabbards - they should be behind belt like in artwork

That’s a good way to wear out the string, and potentially damage the limbs of the bow. There were scabbards for bows.


I know but unfortunatley i do not belive they will be implemented, but rather a bad method of wearing a bow than a flying bow in mid air glued onto the model :frowning:

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I said " (hammer, axe) suspensions" not scabbards :slight_smile:

About the day-one patch…

How large a download will it be and how does the changelog look like (broadly speaking)?

surely that is impossible to know?

And how big will the full game be when we download it on steam? Or any other platform.

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Yes sure… the Day 1 patch was the first thing which was finished, even before the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign back in 2014…

…well, no. We will know about the Day 1 Patch on Day 1
Day 1 patches are existing to use the weeks between physcial game production (DVDs/Blu-ray) and the release to make the game better at the time of release. We will see what will be able to do with this patch when it is done. It will be done on Day 1, not before.


I was referring to this: Warhorse Studios Weekly Torch

7) What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on the day-one patch, which means I’m fixing bug on quests. I worked on a lot of quests so I have lot of bugs in them.

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And how are they supposed to know today what the patch will look like when there is still 2 months of work left?

Since KCD will have a disc version the Gold Master (also known as ‘Release to Manufacturing’ version) has to be sent for duplication and distribution well before release date. Also, since KCD is multiplatform, the RTM version has to be approved by Sony and Microsoft, which can take a lot of time.

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The 24 minutes of gameplay look incredible. I love the monastery section.

I hope there won’t be a time limit on that mission, like finding that person withing a week of in game time. So that way you can level your reading skill a lot.


You’re right. It’s not from the gameplay unfortunately!
I think it’s just art.

Yes, that is true. But what does this have to do with the day1 patch? If the day1 patch is already finished at this time, why use it as a patch at all, why not just put it into the game at this point?
The Day1 patch is to use the time from the point which you mentioned to the relase date to make the game better.

He just wants to know what the day 1 patch will fix. And you can’t give him that awnser because I doubt anyone knows.

Which is normal, I guess. Because it will fix mostly bugs in quests, characters, the world, systems that drive the game, combat etc.
It might also tweak a lot of stuff.
I doubt the patch adds any content. Since day 1 patches usually only fix.

The precise content of the patch are impossible to say, probably because of the amount of fixed code and it might be constantly be changing.

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Good article, but damn I hate gifs in articles so much. Who thought that embedding distracting, choppy, low quality, autoplay, unpausable short videos in blocks of text was a good idea?

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Good art and very nice scabbard suspension (still missing ingame though :))