Next KCD update?


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yesterday icon_rolleyes


what update and for whom? I checked GoG and still 1.6.2 33. No patch 7 I see.


Because there is no new update icon_laughing


Just a guess… probably with the next DLC. Hopefully in 2-3 weeks…


No one loves a smartass. but your comment was appreciated (at least by one person).


Supposedly the new DLC will be released at the end of the month, so expect fixes and additional patches after that.


I suspect patch 1.7 is in the near future will be out with Amorous and tourney Dlc. Consoles memory capacity is gonner take a hit!


Per Tobi, by Oct 14th. In a quandary, amorous and RDR2 are going to be some memory hungry bastards. Might have to fork out $400 for the RDR2 bundle


Up to you if you want to support #pay2win.


It’s not a zero sum situation with regards to support. Games like KCD and RDR2 have jammed so much stuff into the games that it’s getting to be that terabyte isn’t enough anymore. Remember Wizardry (early ‘80s dungeon crawler RPG) could run on 256k


If they still haven’t fixed the bandits who searching for Timmy in Rattay, I have to wait another 3 months to continue my game, or even longer until they finally fixed it.


Unfortunate. Thinking about starting a new playline with new DLC … or may mothball until bastards. For me, depends on performance tweaks … too much stuttering

WH said they’re still working on bugs/performance. There haven’t been many patches so not sure what to make of their claim


A multi MB patch of 400 un named fixes? Hope they fix the studer/ shaking. I get it turning left or right


What is the problem with the bandits? There are two ways to play that and both work fine.


How often should I explain the bug? How often??? Don’t say both ways works fine and people who give that a like have no knowledge! The quest is broken in many many ways!!! Massively broken!!!


I’d have to st


But you can just ignore them and go to see Timmy instead. Why would you follow them to Rattay? Kill the remaining dude at the windmill and then go and talk to Timmy.


Raise a ticket with warhorse. They will need screenshots and a save file to validate the bug.


I do not want to kill them and I do not want to let them alone going to Rattay. I want the quest to work in the way I chosed.

Warhorse do not need a safe file. The bug is not just for me. Everyone have it. I already mailed this bug to Warhorse more than four months ago.