Next KCD update?


When they all stood one in one spot that was bug.
But the fact they just went to Rattay and end up in a pub… not so much.
I agree that it is then a bit misleading that they said „come with us if you’ve got the stomach for it“ but it is how the quest is done.


There are design flaws that prevent you from progressing any further, and there are design flaws that suck but you can work around. Erik being stuck outside Sasau monastery instead of inside Vranik is an example of the former; yours seems to be the latter.

Keep the save file and try once the next patch is out. In the meantime, move on


Yes, I know that the quest can work around by another way, but to follow the bandits to Rattay was the way I want to continue, because I wanted to see how the bandits react when they don’t find Timmy in Rattay.

This is not just a bug. The whole way of the quest is unfinished. There are some things that must be completely changed and finished to a plausible result. Not just ending in a stood one in one spot.


What you describe is not a bug, it is an incomplete effort by the developers. Like many areas in the game there is an incompleteness in some side quest and even associated with the main quest. What should be logical conclusions are left undone. Call it what it is , a lack of through completion of alternative actions., not a bug.


AS I replied to you… this is not a bug. It a lack of follow through on the part of the game developers.


to end users, this distinction falls upon deaf ears. doesn’t matter whether the vendor is an RPG game studio or business app SaaS vendor

even if we accepted the vendor centric perspective, there’s an epistemological problem… we don’t have access to the vendor specs to verify what’s a bug vs poor/incomplete design.

chessqueen just needs to hope for best and move on as vendors don’t and won’t fix all bugs/design flaws. they fix the ones that matter to them


FYI, normal people do not use words like “epistemological”. There is a simple rule, speak and write so people can understand you.


normal people don’t use words like SaaS too, and normal people don’t participate in game forums

relating to the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.
“what epistemological foundation is there for such an artificial discrimination?”


Piss haha…


A bug or not a bug. Does this matter? They have to make the game working right.


When is the new update supposed to release?


By 14th per Tobi


It would be nice if they would devout time to make the game truly immersive and make your decisions matter with alternating outcomes, but since it is a game and limited by a budget and schedule we will not see that happen. Just enjoy the game the best you can, I know I will.


I really love KCD. Haven’t played it in a while, however when I last did I played the heck out of it. Since there isn’t a new game plus presently implemented i’ve been waiting for the bugs to be ironed out before I start a new game. Been reading around and have found out there has been some DLC released and more planned to be released in the future. So I’m holding out until all of the DLC is released now and hopefully more of the bugs will be worked out by then as well. Do we know when that is supposed to be?


It was “announced” that the next DLC will be available until the 14th. They are showing the DLC at two trade fairs right now - IgroMir Expo (this weekend) an Brasil Game Show (next weekend). So I guess it will be released on Monday after IgroMir or after/during Brasil Game Show.


Add volumetric fog please
Add full-frame rendered dialogs please
Add mouse support for dialogs please
Add HUD customization for size, transparency etc.


Mouse support? Why the heck would ya want mouse support? A controller is ideal for this game. I suppose hamster support may be interesting. Would love a pet hamster in the town :smile:


This is not about comedy. Every decent RPG give you the possibility to select dialog options with mouse. Even RPGs from the previous century and we have 2018! Why the game lacks in mouse support? Using the arrow keys and Return is annoying.


Well just checked the steam page and it states “full controller support” not mouse & Keyboard support. As I said this game is ideally played with a controller. I highly recommend using that instead of praying for M&K support. I made a poor choice of purchasing PSVR. All we can do is accept when we’ve made a mistake and make the best of it.


Minor PC Lord here and I use a XB1 controller. I s___k at wasd and have no problem with the mouse setting. I use when available & feel like it and when lockpicking.