Next KCD update?


Xb1 is the best control


No. PC games should played with keypad and mouse. No console controller bs.


People shouldn’t be socialist…unfortunately just because there are things that should or shouldn’t be we need to live in the world that is. The world that is right now the game was made to use a controller. They never advertised or promised otherwise.


NO. How they should be played should be at the option of the player and players physical abilities. Not everyone is a 30WPM touch typist


Wow…you said 30 WPM like that’s fast… lol Just kiddin brother you’re right due to either age or abilities we all have different requirements. With my eyes these days there are some things I just can’t do anymore.


Once took a typing coarse many moons ago before personal computers were a thing ( and not good at it anymore) and managed to get the required 25 WPM. 30 was just an amount to use.


It was advertised as K&M and controller since the beginning. So I have no idea what are you talking about.


I disagree with you, I prefer the keyboard and mouse.


No trolls in game, but trolls in forum.


I get that from here
Controller support is listed K&M is not. So if you have a source where they said they’d support it please provide that.


I think it’s been answered before but will the new dlc require a new game to play?


The current ones don’t, unless you want to play on hardcore mode. So I’m assuming the same will hold true for future DLC


Lots of pc gamers use controller nowadays. Unless playing competitively. You can kick back and relax.


LOL K&M is never listed on steam. Do you think that games that don’t have controller support, can’t be controlled at all, because they don’t K&M listed?


I’m saying they never said they’d offer K&M support. So if it’s lacking, but they have another control mechanic that they do list then that’s not false advertisement, lacking support, or means in some way that PC gamers should not have been given access to the game. That’s all.