Steam questions

Hello. I am just curious. You plan to sell the game on Steam. Steam takes some cut from the selling. Let us say it is around 30%.

Is it possible that by buying the game on, you get 90% or more cut from the selling?

Some players might be interested to directly support you.

Will there be option to buy Collector’s edition on Steam too?

Do you plan to add game achievements on Steam?

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Uff, that are good questions. personally I don´t know about it. If you buy the game on our homepage you will get a steam key later at release and I am not sure about the conditions by steam. It is the best way to support us directly on our homepage of course, but I don´t know about the exact numbers to be honest.


I don´t know the exact percentage for KCD, but 30% is common at Steam (and other marketplaces).
It is also no secret that you have 9% to pay for Kickstarter.

I would say that´s one of the reasons why WH used their downloader for the beta, and not a steam key…

What should a Collector’s edition include?

Yes, there are plans…maybe :slight_smile:

Collector’s edition could have artworks, soundtracks, behind scenes, DLCs.
Thank you for answers.

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Still waiting to see this game on Steam.
I believe it was on Steam briefly before.
I purchase all of my games through Steam. Good content manager, particularly for those who might play on more than one machine. I would buy the Beta today if it was on Steam.