Too much money

i know what you are saying and i do agree with you to some extent
however, getting armour in kcd is WAY too easy, you just kill bandits or go to the treasure chests and there you go, best armour in the game without dlc
my idea for a mod would be too up the price on everything like i said and make it so that heavily armed bandits are less likely to spawn in until you have spent a decent amount of money on armour (if that is possible to mod)#
say once you buy Magdeburg Pauldrons or some other high tier equipment for 20k+ Groschen you will start seeing bandits with armour of 20+ defense rating spawning in
And then certain pieces of equipment should be only available through purchasing or stealing like i said.
Also, i would keep the stats relatively similar, maybe up the stats on the super rare armour by a little, but only a little. that way you would be rewarded for your efforts but you would not turn into a tank. Say instead of having 25 defense the Nuremburgian Cuirass might have 28, zoul might have 30 and lords of leipa maybe 29
also, armour you loot from people you have killed should be badly damaged so you have to spend money to repair it and you cannot sell it at full price without repairs, that way it will be harder to rake in the cash when selling large amounts of loot.
also horses should be SUPER expensive, maybe 100k+ for the really good ones like Al Buraq and Jenda.

You know how they made it so you cannot mount up while encumbered in the latest patch? Well i would change it so that for every 10LB extra weight you would be docked 10 speed points until you only have 10 speed left, after that you cant mount up as you are too heavy. That way you can still make money a little easier than it is now but not as easy as in previous versions of the game like when you could mount up even when you were 10,000lb overweight.

as to the treasure chests they should not have anything with more than 10 defense rating (excluding weapons ofc) and instead be filled with things like dice, random books, arrows, food, alcohol, weapons and each treasure chest should have a map in it to find the next one.

some ideas for a mod so far, pretty sure i forgot some stuff too.

also i would make corpses you loot have less food so you are actually forced to buy food
things like that to make money more valuable in the game.

Yeah, shame about the economy, really. The devs seem to be ignoring the most important flaw in the gameplay that’s been reported for a long time. An easy solution for armor farming had also been suggested - make selling price depend heavily on the condition. There’s also a parameter in the RPG params file that sets the relationship between price and condition, however it doesn’t work for some reason. This may sound silly, but I stopped playing because of this, I simply stopped caring because there’s no progression except for quests - I got the top armor, top horse, top everything, it just isn’t interesting anymore to ride around the map just doing quests. Everyone is super friendly with “hello henry!” and I’m so powerful, it just doesn’t feel like bloody middle ages anymore, it feels like a theme park.

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exactly, there is only so many times you can complete the game before you get bored. An RPG is supposed to be a game that you can entertain yourself with by just doing your own thing and not having to do the quests to feel entertained

I agree with the ease of getting armour, but these changes should be reserved for hardcore though, I say leave normal mode alone.

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i only play hardcore, i have no interest in doing anything with normal mode

On the other hand though you don’t have to loot everything. If you have too much money then maybe you should just leave all that expensive equipment from that pile of bandits and move on lol. Unlike me that loots them dry. I swear I spend like 80% of the game over encumbered haha.

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well thats my point, you should not have to cuck yourself to get enjoyment out of the game and to make the mechanics work properly

Then you are getting into this whole balance war, where some people don’t want all this expensive equipment or having too much money. While others like to loot expensive stuff and be filthy rich
For those people that want the game a certian way you will have to

  1. Get a mod fo it, or
  2. Limit yourself.
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limiting yourself hurts immersion. There’s a third option and that’s called difficulty levels. Nothing stops game developers from implementing a different condition to price ratio for the hardcore mode (in OP’s words ‘recalibrate the prices’) - as I’ve mentioned, this parameter even exists already. It just isn’t working.

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How is not looting and not selling that equipment for that money you don’t even want immersion breaking?
Confused. You think it is more immersive picking up all that equipment and hauling it to the shop? Imagine how that would look?

One ‘immersive’ way that I haven’t seen mentioned before would be to implement an ‘armour fit/size ratio’. This could be purely mechanical, not necessarily requiring any aesthetic changes, without requiring a great deal of effort to implement.

As previously mentioned, one of the main issues I have is that it’s super easy to obtain high level armour from bandits or chests early on in the game, making it sometimes unnecessary to change armour throughout the whole game. By giving every piece of armour a ‘fit ratio’, it would give the player the option to wear a piece of armour he finds on a bandit or in a chest, but if the size isn’t right, it negatively effects the armour’s and/or Henry’s stats.

For example, Henry finds a Nurembergian Cuirass, but the fit ratio is only 28%, therefore reducing its effectiveness. (To what extent would be have to be experimented with). Whereas, if you find a Rider’s Cuirass that fits you 95%, it’s stats would be more effective to you as it fits better, making it better than a 28% Nurembergian Cuirass.

This way, even if you find the greatest piece of armour early on it still wouldn’t be as good as one you have tailor-made to fit to you (at a great expense of course). You could also have the chance to take a piece of armour to the blacksmith for a resizing, but it should also cost a lot, if not more, than buying one tailor-made. This gives the player more incentive to have ‘his own’ set of armour. There could even be perks that are associated to Henry having bought all of his own armour rather than stealing it.



even simpler, would be to add a strength requirement for armors, just like we already have with weapons. Right now, all armors in game have a strength requirement of zero. Should be easy to fix by modding even?

Édit: I feel item weight should also be revised. 5 pounds for a leather jerking with a defence of 3 vs 4 pounds for a nurembergian cuirasse (defence of 25) and 13 pounds for a « light » gambison?

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Yeh lamelar armour is the worst for this. The heavy varient weighs the least and has the most defense out of them all.

The weights are a refection of reality.
The other cap is the strength requirement , the weight of full heavy armour is more then your starting carry limit.

The selling price of hunter and leather gloves is ridiculous
I like the idea of having strenght requirement , possibly agility too , metal armor was Heavy

There is a strenght requirement the plate armours weight is so much that you can’t wear a full set at the start.
Your limited by carry weight.

from wiki page on 15th century plate armor

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I’m playing hardcore right now, after finishing twice in normal. As for my 641K Groschen, well I messed that up completely. I left it in Vranik because I changed armor before going in thinking, “I don’t care if I get this armor back because I’m not fighting anyone until I get back to my horse.”

Although at one point in my 2nd playthrough, I decided to see if I could kill everyone in Vranik. I killed about 20-25 until I got bored and thought I need to finish. Then, everyone was attacking me, even after I loaded an earlier save before I started killing everyone. So, I had to sneak to Eric, then sneak to Vanek, then sneak back to Eric.

By the time I had built Pribyslavitz, I had 375K. I feel like I spent recklessly, too. I built wealth pretty quickly with gathering herbs and using the perk to make just a bit more from selling them. I think I lined my pockets from levels 1 - 7 and set off to settle things at Neuhoff. There was about 11K in my pocket. It was super cool at first! But then it was odd. Some of the traders in Rattay would have well over 20K in inventory and I was selling sometimes 5K - 14K at a time. It felt overly abused. A few hours ago I played the night raid quest and ended up killing every bandit in Talmberg in my underwear. I then decided it was a little too easy, so I said goodbye to all my sweet groschen (ended at 695K) to start a hardcore playthrough. I think I’ll try your way. Thanks for the tips!