We are famous guys :)

I love how you call @DrFusselpulli a peasant. :joy::sob::rofl:


It was a reality, my friend. Almost everyone here were just a mere peasants, but those who were good enough, then Sir vavra gave them place and honour to live through their lives.

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But you just joined in december '16. Are those the good old times, just a year ago?

It was a peaceful time after “Warriant’s wars”. You came at good times, but bad in terms of fights.

Have you been here before december 2016?

fusselpulli was just interested in the game like we all were, he was very active and so he was offered a job at warhorse so he took it and he does a great job
for more information read this:


I was as a spectator. I was scared to join forums, cus i never had such an experience. But i saw everything here since 2014.


late 2014- early 2015.

He was ! Back in the days of @TobiTobsen and the Night of the tasty pizza which sent this forum into all out war .

Tobi learnt a valuable lesson that night . After just delaying the Alpha DO NOT I repeat DO NOT post a photo of the warhorse studio tucking into a pizza.


You regret not joining now? :sob::rofl:

I don’t. I would have been banned, cus i was a kid back then. I would say something wrong and “You died”. Maybe, in the future you’ll see me as “Russian community manager”. Sounds good. :wink:

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It’s crazy to hear that this studio started with so little, and it grew and grew and grew and is still growing.

Yeah, it’s like a family. Maybe, no one are family by blood, but they’re together till the end, cus they’ve the same goals and dreams. :grinning:


At first there was only Dan Vavra, Martin Klima, Victor Bocan and Tomas Blaho
they had the Idea to make a realistic medieval RPG
then they founded warhorse and formed a Team, I think in the beginning it was like 30 people
now its over 100 people


Well… back then I was a peasant :smiley:
Or better, a peasant with a Knight badge… I didn´t wanted to have Alpha access, because I didn´t wanted to get spoiled to much by the game, but then I noticed I was just lying to myself and upgraded to a Baron pledge :smiley:


And something went wrong after this. We lost Tobi as community manager and peaceful times came by. :relieved:

It’s Toby’s fault. :wink:

Toby was a good warrior, but Warriant was experienced. :relieved:

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you was once :smile:


That was only a temporary ban you no good dirty Brit. :wink:

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