When will alpha

I don’t really get this trend of company’s even releasing alpha’s…seems kind of dangerous…

It’s a way to get the kind of testing you really can’t get from people who are familiar with the game’s inner workings, and how things are supposed to be done.

No matter how objective a developer thinks they are being when testing their code, they are no match for the casual user. Think of it this way, it’s the difference between giving a vintage car model to an appraiser who will lovingly test to make sure everything is in working order (developer), or giving it to a 5 year old boy, who will simply test how far the doors can open before they snap off (all users). :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I agree, but that’s what beta is suppose to be for.

you have misunderstood me here I’m not talking just now about this game but instead of the generally demos Alpha brings possibility for which longer want the money while it decides how to get play money … I’m not talking of this is the case Warhorse but the behavior of the EA and peas similar are doing close enough … they were once great game shows us knew the game gave free demo to find out whether you want it or not and it was all free … what now?

Honestly, I can hardly understand you at all at this point. I have a feeling it’s a problem writing in English.

You seem to be suggesting makers of games should let random people play alpha versions for free because it might drum up interest?

If you’re talking about demos, as far as I know those aren’t alpha or even beta versions of games. The only demos I’ve played in the last number of years were finished versions that let you play the first level or 10-15 minutes or so.

That still has nothing to do with Warhorse and the pledge situation.

Yes I speak about how we could use the company should further show the game and whether it’s free or not … we already in many cases it is of us believe even just a small part of the game also for money

Well, they might eventually make unfinished versions of the game available to people who don’t pledge down the line. I don’t know. At this point it’s a backer-only perk. I don’t think they’ll have trouble selling the game once it’s done.

You cross the point of no return here. If you pledged, then is not your money anymore. You gave it to the people of WH.
And you will receive what you paid for. In your case, alpha/beta access and the finished game. If you din’t like what you receive… Sorry. They clearly stated what they’ll do and what you’ll receive.
Yes, they could give free alpha access to people who didn’t pay a dime, but I think that will be (at least) very unethical… If I paid for the alpha, why someone else receive it for free?


Demo’s are different then alpha’s. Alpha builds are glitchy, bug filled builds for developers/employees to play on/test as far as I’m concerned. Consumers have no business playing on alpha’s IMHO. However, a lot of people understand alpha’s differently, but that’s my opinion about it.

You are right that Alpha’s normally aren’t tested by the public. However, I’ve heard of a few cases where it was done because of some specific Alpha feature that benefited from lots of people testing it. Usually, the companies will require that would be Alpha testers sign up or register to test, and then wait to be sent an invite. However, here, Warhorse has allowed several thousand players access to the Alpha, but that’s okay, I think.

For those of us who are familiar with the difference between Alpha, Beta, and Release (sometimes referred to as Production), we know what to expect and are excited to get a chance to fiddle with some core mechanics. For those who are expecting Alpha to be a fully playable “demo” or a collection of quests to sate us until release, well they will be disappointed and may whine and cry and think they want their money back because they didn’t “pay for a game full of bugs”. But in the end, when the full game comes out, they will play it and realize, “Wow, this is nothing like the Alpha… what was I thinking? Thank you Warhorse for this amazingly beautiful and complete game!” And all will be right with the world once again. :slight_smile:


I hope that the alpha/beta will be also available on Xbox One/PS4!

They always say six months, even a month before the live stream.

You give me hope good sir.

You’re absolutely right and people need to have realistic expectations. Part of why I contributed at the level I did was to be a very small part of the building process, playing content that is still being constructed and hopefully providing some constructive feedback and bug reporting back to Warhorse.

The alpha is “supposed” to hit somewhere around july/august, according to the information we have been given, however, that is subject to change. We can always hope there are no delays!

Alpha should not be taken as a representation of a game, not when it comes to stability or gameplay experience, it’s a build where some/most of the “main” elements of the game have been implemented in some form, so that they can be tested internally/externally. For example, you can try some iteration of combat, maybe crafting, there might be a quest or two. There will be hardcrashes, there might be bluescreens, etc., etc.

About refunds from kickstarter: No, you are in no way entitled to a refund as long as they release the game, they might give you one anyway, but i doubt it. You donated money, and will get an end product. Even if that product is “unplayable filth”, you still are not entitled a refund, since you donated money to make the game. You could go to court with it, but if there is a legitimate reason for a refund, odds are that the company no longer exists.

So, no, you can’t get a refund if you dislike the alpha, unless Warhorse are feeling nice.

Here is a link to kickstarter where you can read about refunds etc.

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if you’re someone who paid to be in the alpha (not pointing a finger on you), keep in mind by funding the game you’re not just paying to play, you are taking part in the development of the game and helping the developers shape the game into what we all want it to be.

btw: I think the guy in the middle is pretty unsympathetic.

Developers don’t need to wait for the whole game to be finished at release to see, for example, if certain mechanics work like they expect or people will like it and so on. So customers can give feedback before the product is finished. In the traditional way devs can’t change that much after release and would have to take notes for their next release for things which should be improved or avoided. But with earlier feedback they can include improvements or can see which things don’t work at all in the game currently in development.

That’s my understanding.

But there are more angles to this to consider:

me or not about the money but the point I mean of those games would be able to give people first try and free … I know it’s stupid because this is through kickstarter and I could wait but even so Alpha would like to play if I bought anything? and Why can not such as better this beta a moment for players for free?

Is there any official statement yet?