Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Story & Setting

Use this category to discuss the storyline of our game and historic settings.

Combat system

Discuss all aspects of the combat system. From in-game mechanics to discussion of the period combat techniques.


Discussion of game mechanics other than combat. This includes crafting, interaction with NPC, eating, healing and sleeping, etc.

Other languages

Please use English on the main forums. If you want to discuss our game in other language, use sub-categories of Other Languages

Hardware & System

Use this category for topics about special hardware, platforms and other technical stuff.


This category serves for discussing topics not ralated to Kindom Come games. Please keep the conversation civil.


This category deals with all questions, problems and comments relating to your pledge, badge or account.


Please report Bugs to the following email:


Our game will support modding. We plan to release most if not all of our game making tools and to actively support modding community.