A woman's lot: Missing item prevents progression (super minor spoilers)

I just started The Woman’s Lot DLC, and am still on the first quest. The thing is, I have gotten stuck because the chicken feed item which is supposed to be on the table in the hearth room, to the left of the window, simply isn’t there. The quest marker is on it, and it’s the only part missing from the quest, as I’ve fed Tinkers and plucked the weeds. Since I couldn’t find the bag I resorted to looking up excactly where it should be, but no, nothing. I am playing on hardcore and will lose several hours of playtime if I revert to the last save. I have tried to Save & Quit, and also to verify the game files from steam, but neither worked obviously. Any way to restore this? Otherwise I guess I will just have to wait until the DLC bugfix patch comes along.

That´s a typical error when using MODs.
Probably you have to install the game new(maybe verify is enough) and only use MODs which are updated to version 1.9.0 or none!
Maybe you need a save before you started the DLC…

Yeah probably. My mods are only updated for 1.8.2, and since the DLC just came out no one has updated anything yet… I guess I’ll have to just lose some hours again :upside_down_face:

Did removing the mods fixed the problem?

I haven’t tried it yet, I simply reverted to an older save file and went from there. I haven’t touched the woman’s lot DLC since then (except for that slow levelling hecking hound master skill)

I had similar issue, but I have found a workaround: if Theresa walks away from house, chicken quest fails and you can continue with the story. The problem is, there are more broken items - I had an issue latrer with dysfunctional bow (can be bypassed by purchasing a replacement), and missing bag of silver (still trying to figure a way around)

EDIT: the issue went away after I removed ‘Lighter herbs’ mod. YMMV though…

I have exactly the same problems with missing items. No chickenfood, Adams bow is invisible and dysfunctional. I can remove mods and reininstall the game as much as i want, the Bugs dont go away. Support isnt answering to my mail. In Addition to that my hard earned vitality Level for Theresa resets Always. It is so frustrating that the game is so Buggy and noone seems to care or be able to help.

It is more frustrating to deal with people like you…
First you mess up your game installation with MODs, than you LIE about “no one care” your problem…

A last suggestion for your problem,…
format c:
and DON´T install the game new.

Removing mods isn’t guaranteed to fix the issue, some mods get baked into your saves. You will most likely need to load a save from before you used mods or start a new game.
Use mods at your own risk, developers take no responibility for them.

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Baron Blacksmith, i appreciate your attempts to help. Actualy i was referring to warhorse support, not the forum community or you personaly when i expressed frustration about noone willing or able to help.

You are using mods though, why would they waste their time. They clearly state that they will take no responsibility if they cause issues in your game.

I had the same issue. The problem is caused due to outdated mods.
In my case was the mod “Light Herbs”, them i installed the updated version from the Nexus mods page and solve the problem.
Now is working fine with this particular mod.