Am I the only one who does this with Bernard?

I like to train with him early in the game to raise my stats pretty high I’ll usually “practice fighting with real weapon” with him

Then afterwards I’ll practice combos which will automatically raise my health to 100. And also, instead of practicing combos I just wail on him which increases my strength, agility, warfare, vitality and sword

If you want to hear “no not like that” 15,000 times in a row and get your equipment trashed.

Hardcore mode, the best way is to beat shit shit out of milan for a few days straight slumming it around Rattay to raise all your combat related stats and unarmed while making a decent amount of earlygame money (about 600 a day if you rob him of all the money the game puts in his inventory), then your stats are high enough to git gud at archery and weapons via gameplay when you finally go to tell radzig about his missing sword. Since combos are useless (any enemy weak enough to perform one on will die before you finish, anyone strong enough to need one to break their blocks will perfect block/masterstrike you on RNG or simply rubberband out of the way to fuck up your combo), primary stats are the only thing that really matters.

thankyou my issue has been solved

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