Any news on modding tools?

hello all,
im just wondering if there are any news on the release of modding tools?
are ther any estimates?

any info from WH would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

They will start working on it after last DLC Womans lot is released.

oh didnt know that , was thinking they are working on it already in parallel
would love to see them released soonish :smiley:
do you have a source for that ?

btw i just released my first little mod check it out

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just look at the time line shown by the devs and posted many times on the forum. The mod support is in the last place and if you notice at the bottom a time scale. So late 2019

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thx m8, didnt find that and still cant :flushed:
can you direct me to that post?

ha! got it DLC Roadmap

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