Bucklers are a must

Basically, if this game wants to correctly depict the time and place it wants to depict, bucklers should be inescapable, and yet from what I can tell there are none.

In essence, using pretty much any one-handed weapon on foot during this time period without anything in the offhand would’ve been rare, or even considered an outright bad idea. Therefore, everyone who carried a sword, a mace, an axe or anything like that probably should have at the very least a buckler too.
For example, there is no fencing manual documenting the use of an arming sword without a buckler or shield of some sort. It most likely just wasn’t considered a good idea. The closest thing to an exception would be some works about the Messer, but here we have to assume either that it was either covering a duel demanding identical weaponry, or some other rather specific context.
Messer and buckler is also covered in fencing manuals and was probably considered more far more effective than just having a Messer.

So who would’ve used a buckler?
Basically anyone with a one-handed weapon and no larger shield. Archers, polearm infantry, people just travelling from point A to point B, and so on. It was extremely popular.
The big advantage of the buckler is that it was convenient. You could carry it on your belt just like a sword without it being any hindrance to whatever else you are doing, and when you need it, you just grab it and you’re good to go.

Sword and buckler is cool as hell, and was probably one of the most common weapon sets of the time. So where the hell are all the bucklers?


You mean something like these?

It could be a good idea I think

I dunno, maybe Warhorse couldn’t include them because of limited ressources. Maybe we’ll see them in a mod, or sequel, since bucklers were such a common item for soldiers.

I already asked a question about this in a Weekly Torch a while ago. I completely agree with you on the importance of bucklers in a medieval setting like this. But I was told that they would not be included, but maybe we will see them in the next game or a wonder happens and someone mods them into the game with proper animations.

Can you link to the source? …I find this interesting. They’ve already got a standard kite / heater style shield implemented, so why not the buckler as well :confused:

Obviously it would need slight variances in animations, and the impact zone is drastically reduced comparatively to the likes of a large kite or heater type shield. But still

Ah well, it’s like I doubt we’ll see any pavise’s in game, as there’s no crossbows. You win some you lose some :sweat_smile:

Apparently not enough time and technical problems prevented the implementation of bucklers.

Sword-and-buckler as a martial art had some fairly specific techniques, different to sword-and-shield, and I think it would be quite difficult to reasonably represent within the existing combat system.

I don’t believe there are any known treatises dealing with shields larger than a buckler, but what is in the game seems believable enough.

I thought the title of this topic was “Buckers are meat”. And I don’t believe I have ever agreed with a statement in my life more than I have agreed with that. It was such a unique feeling of belonging that I was nearly sent off of my feet. I am still shaking as I post this.

It is only a shame that I’m an idiot and that’s not what the title is at all, lol.