[Bug] Misleading markers right after starting "The House of God" quest

“The House of God” quest has some problems with misleading markers right after you start it.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make sure the in-game story is currently after the moment you started the “Awakening” quest
  • Go to Talmberg
  • Ask Talmberg innkeeper, if any one around needs any help
  • Talmberg innkeeper will mention some trouble at the Talmberg Quarry
  • Go to the Talmberg Quarry
  • Start conversation to Rupert
  • Ask him, if he is having some problems
  • Listen to him describing the problems with stone shipments to the monastery
  • Tell him, that you could help
  • “The House of God” quest will now start
  • After this moment the bugged behavior starts

Bugged behavior:

If player now opens the quest log he will find that “The House of God” quest has two objectives (see images 5 and 6):

  • “[‘C’ marker] Go to the monastery …”
  • “[‘D’ marker] Talk to Sid Divish …”.

The ‘C’ marker of “Go to the monastery …” objective looks like a usual in-game geo-marker, but it is missing on the map. Also there are ‘A’ marker and ‘B’ markers on the map, that does not linked to any current objectives of this quest.

Thankfully optional objective “[‘D’ marker] Talk to Sid Divish …” and its marker of completely fine.

Additionaly, before starting “The House of God” quest giver marker on the map points to Sir Divish only, not Rupert (see image 4).

1 - Talk to Rupert

2 - Offering Rupert our help with the monastery

3 - “The House of God” quest now started

4 - Map before staring the quest: a “quest-giver” marker points only to Sir Divish, Rupert does not have one

5 - Quest log after strting the quest: ‘D’ marker on the map is correct, but ‘C’ marker is missing on the map

6 - Quest log after strting the quest: ‘A’ and ‘B’ markers on the map are misleading

Why this is a bug:

As a player, who maybe had not been to Sasau yet, it is quite confusing where the quest wants you to go in order to get to the monastery, since geo-marker of “Go to the monastery …” objective does not lead to any place on the map.

Also it is confusing for the player, that there are ‘A’ and ‘B’ markers on the map, that lead to NPCs (Brother Porter and Gravedigger, I guess), which player is not supposed to know at current stage this quest. And, as I see so far, those markers persists at the map during the whole quest playthrough.

And at last quest-giver marker that points to Sir Divish only it is a bit misleading too, because, as I see, player is able to go through the entire quest witout talking Sir Divish at all. If talking to Rupert is kinda “hidden” way to enter this quest, then, still, the innkeeper of Talmberg is mentioning both Sir Divish and the quarry master as “quest givers”.

Fix suggestion:

  • Make sure misleading markers ‘A’ and ‘B’ do not appear on the map right at the start of the quest and they are hidden until they should appear (I’m not sure what are the exact condition for correct displaying this markers).
  • Make sure ‘C’ marker leads either to the monastery location in general or to Brother Porter in particular
  • Optionally, make sure Rupert has his own quest giver marker for this quest, like Sir Divish does

Game version:



https://yadi.sk/d/5ZE3TYDQdcTqHw - saved after taking quest from Rupert

This bug report is very good indeed. However, there is a chance that developers miss it here. You should send it to support@kingdomcomerpg.com together with your screenshots, platform specification, and the save file.

Thanks for advice!

Perhaps sending a link to the thread via an email is acceptable too?

I am not quite sure they just import the contents of incoming emails, considered as proper bug reports, to the bug tracker they use (redmine/bugzilla/youtrack/etc.) in just ‘one click’ and without any manual handlings.

Honestly the thing is it is way easier for me to post (and, maybe, add a few micro-corrections after posting) such bug reports here then send them straight via email.

@WH_janrucker, what would you say about the subject of discussion?

You can sign up to their public bug tracker and submit a proper bug report.