Can't play offline


I recently pledge for an access to the Alpha version of the game. It runs fine when I’m online on steam but doesn’t run when I want to play offline and shows a message like “there is no live connection to steam servers”. So there is something I want to know: the game can’t be played offline because it’s the Alpha version and will be playable with steam offline in the future ? or on the opposite, the game, even if it is a solo game, will not be playable offline like a lot of new games (that point bothers me a lot). The thing is I’m living in a hall of residence where internet connection is limited and this includes steam, so I can’t play online games or games which needs to have a connection to run. I always have to come home to play these games but with my studies, it becomes very rare. If KCD, will not be playable offline, it’s such a pity I think. Please help me ! I cry everytime I see the error message :’(


Restart Steam in offline mode via Steam -> Go offline.

Edit: I have to apologize: you’re right. This mentioned tip doesn’t help. Maybe you just need the connection at the beginning, when the check for the licence is done.

@TobiTobsen: Any way to fix this in the 0.5 Alpha?


Currently an internet connection is required it is also listed in the minimum requirements.


You’re right. It seemed to me so strange and useless for a single player game to need a full-time internet connection that I nearly forgot this point. In my defense, it can be interpreted like you need an internet connection to activate the game for example, not necessary that the connection is needed all the time. Maybe it’s playing with words a bit, but when I first read it, it didn’t hit me, so I think some people could be mistaken as well. I do not have big hopes, because people with no full internet connections becomes rare, and are saw as dinosaurs ;). Thank you for your replies !


But people with W-lan sometimes lose their internet :frowning:
So a “not always online” solution would be great.


It is strange im not positive on why it is this way but it may be a security measure?


You need it for the Alpha… because of… reasons! :smiley:
But you probably won’t need it in the final game! … because of reasons! :smiley:


Ok thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad to here it !