Facial animations in KCD

Hi everyone! I watched e3 release date trailer a few days ago.I was really surprised by the game.it is looking amazing.By curiosity I watched old video updates.that were awsome.About few months old video update may be # 16 developers showed facial animations.But I became sad when I saw e3 gameplay of Kcd on playstation access Chanel.everything was great but only that offended me were lifeless characters having no emotion and stiff during dialog.What do think guys???

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May be u are right to some extent but in my opinion game is in development and I hope face animations will be improved.Face animations shown in video update 16 were really amazing.

Facial animations and body language are in the process of improvement.
These kind of things are ordinarily added by the end of development, which is where we are now.

So no worries


Then KCD is going to be my favourite game.

Quite likely mine too :slight_smile:

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I hope face animations and emotions will be like this during dialogue.:blush:

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Well, I hope not. This lady is damn creepy :smiley:

From my position I cannot really tell how good will the facials look. They are being worked on and will be worked on till the last day.
I’d recommend asking for specifics in our Weekly torch when one of our animators will be there.

for example here Karel, our animator speaks a bit about facial animations.

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pssst send this link to everyone who say “OMG face animations are so bad!” or something like this :smiley: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMqK9fDPmjM&feature=youtu.be&t=30m55s Toby talks about it right here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link.Yeah tobi mentioned that face animations are in development.But I didn’t mean face animations are bad.I know KCD is warhorse studios first game and first experience with cryengine.But still Daniel Vavra is making game comparable to AAA games.:blush: and this is bitter fact that facial animations are very difficult to handle in rpg games.e.g; look at mass effect andromeda with such a big budget and big studio bioware resulted in buggy game.These days people compare rpg games with ton of dialogs to linear games like uncharted.I wish KCD facial animations will be like witcher3

my post was “universal answer” :slight_smile: sorry for this offense

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Gameplay > facial animations and other shit that is not relevant. PLS, What we saw in E3 build was an aditional content added into BETA system thats why melee and archery combat was bad, especialy Archery was untouched at all.
After all I belive MB II bannerlord will have better gameplay.

I don’t agree.In a game with tons of dialogs facial expressions and body language is also an important component of gameplay.Mount and blade bannerlord will have weak story then how can u say MAB is Better than KCD?KCD has strong story liker witcher3 and beautiful graphics like crysis triology.

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Mount and blade series has weak story but there are large scale battles and u can command ur own army and there is lot of fun.in my opinion both games are great but storywise KCD is much better.

Check This video this is basically video about mass affect andromeda facial animations but it is informative about how much effort is needed for facial animations in RPG like kcd.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0qvvmVpS3AA


I just watched the recently released side quest gameplay of Assassins creed origins.Even the AAA game has strange facial animations.check out following video that is thorough analysis of facial animations of ACO https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=l5LhZ9ZfuOI


It seems Ubisoft is preferring quantity over quality.making rpg is not an easy task

that’s exactly the reason as far as i can tell, behind this facial animation upset. people are expecting to have faces that they can easily read like the above. but in reality, no one does that in normal conversation. people are going to need to re learn how to read contextual cues and informaiton and not rely on fucked up horseshit like this:

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