FAQ based on Warhorse's comments on kickstarter/reddit/twitter/other sources

How can the content and vision of the games be described best? Maybe compared to other already existing games?

Our game will be like a combination of Witcher 2 and Fallout: New Vegas with bits of Read Dead Redemption and Skyrim sandbox-freeroam-and-story-wise with a combat system following philosophy of Dark Souls. Modding and future Acts may introduce more indepth features.

What’s your stance on a DRM-free version of KCD?

Our stance on DRM-free is “would love to but cannot confirm yet”

How well will be game be optimized for different platforms? Will the FOV be adjustable?

We will optimize the game for all target platforms and fully respect their standards regarding controls and setting (different FOVs for example).

What savegame system is planned?

Exact design of the save system is still being worked on. I can promise you several autosaves and “save and exit” or equivalent option. We certainly don’t want to stick with checkpoints only.

Can I play the alpha/beta on PC if I chose a console version?

Even if you choose PS4/X1 you will have the option to download PC alpha/beta.

When will the first alpha be available to backers?

Alpha is out in 6 months and will get several updates. Beta will come later. Date unknown yet.

The 30 hours of gameplay are estimated on the main quest only or do they aslo include secondary quest + map exploration?

Cannot talk about lenght of main quest line in Act I yet. But the 30 hours are estimated for main plot and secondary quests. Activities, wandering and events are not included. Fallout New Vegas and Skyrim had about 50 hours of designed gameplay and people spent 100+ hours in there anyway. But if you follow the instruction from NPCs and ignore all your freedom you should hit the 30hour mark by the end of the game.

Will acts 2 and 3 feature separate and new maps? Are they connected to each other? Can we travel back to previous maps?

Each Act comes with own map and you can travel freely to previous ones. Also since we base our maps and events on real world locations and history we instantly decided to not “joint” distant locations into one bigger map. It would seem like a civil war in San Marino.

The voice acting in the kickstarter video sounds a bit weird… Will Voice acting be improved and will there be full voice acting in the final game?

This part of our video is from our ~8 month old demo we used to show to publishers where only some systems and one short quest are implemented. So it is more of a placeholder voice a quick one-time job for non-public presentation purposes. We will start recording the voices way far in the future. Yes, we plan to do full voicing of the game.

Do you plan any kind of QTEs for combat?

There are NO QTEs in our combat system. You can directly control various action, move freely while not having to hassle with camera (although you have complete control over it). Or course you have to react to counter action and this might look like a QTE in the video. We hate QTEs, trust me :slight_smile: It is hard to explain it briefly in text. The system is very unique and we will reveal more info about in upcoming updates.

How about multiplayer in KCD?

We don’t plan multiplayer for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. But some of our systems are quite fit for some multiplayer experience. This will not affect the project you are backing here!

Isn’t the UI a bit unimmersive? Wouldn’t a menu without pausing be a better idea?

We are minimizing usage of UI and the simple “button->stuff happens” formula but some situations are more convenient this way or are technically/artistically very difficult to do some other way. Menus without pauses are horrible idea in many situations if you think about it. Cases of pausing or semi-pausing has are greatly decribed in our design document. We pay attention to this matter.

Will there be the possibility to change to 3rd person view? Can I view my character in the game?

3rd person view is very complicated topic and will be answered in one of the updates. Also you can see yourself in dialogues, cutscenes and in the inventory (and you can rotate yourself). We may introduce 3rd person view but the game will not be designed to be played this way. You may think of Elder Scrolls series in this regard. Game with 3rd person view and game designed for 3rd person view are two different things. The latter always differs from a game designed for 1st person view. Hybrids are no good.

Is this game developed with controller or mouse+keyboard in mind? Do you plan to fully support both input options?

We are developing the game with console controller in mind. Actually, we are developing it FOR that controller. But on PC this will be optional, typical mouse+keyboard will be definitely fully supported which means there will be no confusing tooltips showing controller buttons / sticks / pedals / whatever as a hint how to NOT control it. Mouse will be supported also in the inventory and map UI.

How historically accurate do you envision the game world?

We will be accurate and we won’t be changing history. However we will fill blank pages with our own stuff. Stuff which makes sense. Definitely no fancy stuff like the one in Assasin’s Creed.

How do you solve the map boundaries? Is there an invisible wall or something?

Natural boundaries.

Are there classes? How will you develop skills?

There are no classes. You choose which stats and skills you develop. A bit Skyrim-like.

Do you guys plan to make a “politically Correct” game?

We are grateful for any kind of feedback but it doesn’t mean we will try to please everyone. It’s no good, ever.

Isn’t the playable female ab bit tagged on? Is this historically accurate? Why can’t we play as a woman all the time?

To be clear the woman was already in our game as a NPC and the twist would happen anyway. You would just be able to play that section instead of getting it told. However we cannot give the player the option to choose sex of the “hero” because it would clash with our creative vision, which is to deliver a story based on big historical events in authentic medieval society. And the story we crafted simply cannot happen for a woman. Even in disguise. Forced female hero would be no good. Sorry.

Do you plan to support modding?

Modding will be supported (on Windows PC) and we will release modding tools but we don’t know when exactly.

How many NPC will I be able to kill in the game?

You will be able to kill almost anyone.

Will we be able to marry someone in the game?

Marriage wouldn’t make much sense considering the timeframe and themes of our story and as such it would only end up being pointless gimmick. Many parts of the game are yet to be written however so many things can appear.

Will there be children in the game?

Nearly half of the medieval society was under age of 15 so yes, we plan to have children in the game.

Will the inventory be limited? Can we loot dead bodies?

Your inventory will be limited, but could be expanded. By using a horse for example. And you will definitely be able to loot bodies. We just don’t want you to carry a lot of useless junk like spoons and cabbages (nudge nudge, wink wink :wink:

What kind of weather system will be in the game? Sunny/cloudy/rainy/stormy?

All these weather states should make into the game. We also aim to deliver the “post-rain” atmosphere.

Will the be blood and gore in the game? Maybe dismemberments?

We are considering some levels of gore (realistic, not over the top so called goreporn). Keep in mind it is nearly impossible to dismember a guy wearing a ring mail. It is also technically very challenging due to our cloth layers system.

How do you plan to implement alchemy? Will this be historically accurate?

Alchemy will be authentic - mostly making potions from herbs. A fellow designer was reading some old books containing recipes some two months ago. The effects will also be realistic or will simulate reality using game systems.

How do you plan to implement church and religion? Will there be events or topics centered around that?

Our philosophy is “be authentic, depict, don’t comment”. So there will be things even we don’t like but happened frequently. This applies also to religion. Mind that The Church was heavily criticized for its practices and there were also 2 popes (antipope in Avignon) in these times. Which lead to Hussite wars and a bit later to Lutheran reformation. So you will see all sorts of stuff connected to religion - positive and negative. Burning at the stake was a “common” form of capital punishment. The victim is not necessarily a witch.

Will you cover withcraft in the game?

People believed witchcraft has effects and some practiced it. We aim to show this as well. Authentically. Nobody will be able to cast a spell on you, of course. But he/she can claim so!

Can I own a house in the game? Can I buy more houses and customize them?

You will have place to live but you cannot buy real estate or customize it.

Will there be other ethnicitis in the game?

There will be other ethnicities, besides Bohemians, there will be Germans, Swiss, Jews, Cumans, Romani, traveling Arab merchants…

Will clothes be fully animated?

Full cloth simulation is a matter of hardware power, too soon for that.

Will there be flails in the games? Or throwing weapons? Or even firearms?

Flails are very challenging to implement correctly into our system so they are not very probable. Making them (correctly) physics driven, controllable enough and not make look weird, all at the same time, is very difficult.
Throwing weapons are being considered.
Firearms were rather rare but present. We cannot confirm yet if they will be in the game.

Will we be able to use half-swording techniques (or better yet, the mordschlag) to better use a sword against plate?

Half-swording is definitely in the plan, about mordschlag, I am not sure. Maybe in Act II?

Answers by Warhorse from: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1294225970/comments


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Crafting & Activies:

What can I do apart from moving, talking & fighting?

And certainly more but as of yet there are no more specific details available.

More in-depth info about cooking:

Abode & Sleeping:

Can I build a house? Do I have to sleep?

[quote=“Kickstarter > A different kind of RPG”]
[…] the need to sleep and eat to stay healthy[/quote]

Battles & Sieges & Combat:

Is there a strategy portion?

[quote=“Video Update #4 - Combat”]The player is just one chess piece on the large chess board. You will use our combat system and fight for your life and try to survive.

There is no strategy mode planned, there is no tactical leading.

You will not lead the army, you will just fight your fight on the battlefield.[/quote]

Is the combat system locked? Do I have to fight one enemy at a time while the other enemies wait for their turn?


Map size:

Cartography in Potato Land


  • nonlinear quests with multiple solutions
  • branching dialogue choices with points of no return
  • several roles to play (warrior, bard, thief)
  • a mountain of different stats, skills, perks
  • ultimate character customization details (4 layers of clothing; 16 equippable armor slots)
  • as well as alchemy and crafting professions

Full body awareness:

Will I be able to see my feet? My body? Will a helmet have a influence on my sight?


Historical background:

Wenzel? What do you know about this guy?


¹ most likely the village shown in the 2nd part of the live stream video

Who is allowed to wreak havoc upon the village in the Alpha?


Time        |   Stage
Aug 2014    |   Act I - Alpha
mid 2015    |   Act I - Beta
Dec 2015    |   Act I - Gold Master
Sep 2016    |   Act II
Jun 2017    |   Act III

please keep in mind:

You’re just a blacksmith, maybe become a knight but no king. :crown:
You can’t erect buildings.
Also, no castle, no palace, no fortress for you. :european_castle:
You won’t raise armies.
You won’t become emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. :church:
You won’t rule over whole Europe. :euro:
You won’t conquer the world. :earth_americas:
You won’t build the Berlin Wall.
You won’t build the Chinese Wall either.
You won’t build extraterrestrial spaceships. :space_invader:
You won’t

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