Hey Guys, kingofpol here!

Just thought i’d stop in and introduce myself!

Very excited for this game especially after my interviews with Daniel Vavra and Ondrej Malota! Hope to see more updates soon!

Thank you for supporting our game!

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Hi, nice to see you here! I’ve been listening to your recent stream and also some older ones. You mentioned you have a lot of questions about the game, you can find most of the answers here on the forum. I would start there.

Anyway, keep up the good work with the #gg streams!

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Thank you for taking the time to talk to myself! Going to probably have Daniel V. Come on soon and get into this game. Thus looks amazjng! As someone who loves history and loves the Mount and Blade series, Total War series etc. This look FANTASTIC haha. Keep it up guys!

Hey KingofPol, I’m a veteran of The Escapist Thread, glad to see you here. Supporting games like this is exactly the kind of positive thing that pro-#Gamergate people should be doing. It’s just such a shame that Daniel and his team are such a rarity right now. I’m sure you know that there are many devs saying, “We love what you do, keep up the fight.” but they do it anonymously. I understand many are afraid for their jobs, but if thousands were to openly come out in support of us and verify to the outside world that this Gaming Morality Force’s bullying & harassment is real? That would be just the thing to break this issue wide open. :-/