Horse controls for PC


The horse controls really are not ergonomic. For instance, if you key like most people your index finger is at the home key F, middle finger D, ring finger S and pinky A. To use the left shift key [sprint], you have to take your pinky off the A key, one of the primary controls of your horse. If your not turning its fine, however if you are or try to turn left your pink has to release the shift key and move to the A key. That’s not optimal, and will slow the horse down to a trot. It’s not horrible, but still its clunky. I guess if you place your fingers in an unorthodox way you can circumvent that, but I am not going to unlearn keyboarding. The best solution is like that above, a mouse which has programmable buttons. I have a logitech G402 mouse. I programmed one of the four buttons next to the left mouse button as shift. Problem solved, and way more intuitive than the default settings.

  • The only problem is fighting from a horse. You cannot sprint and attack at the same time, with my set up. Same as before, index finger has to remove itself from sprint and hit left mouse button to attack and the horse slows down to a trot . To be honest the horse mechanics are just all around clunky combat included. If you could just double tap W to sprint, I think that would work.