Horse controls for PC


The horse controls really are not ergonomic. For instance, if you key like most people your index finger is at the home key F, middle finger D, ring finger S and pinky A. To use the left shift key [sprint], you have to take your pinky off the A key, one of the primary controls of your horse. If your not turning its fine, however if you are or try to turn left your pink has to release the shift key and move to the A key. That’s not optimal, and will slow the horse down to a trot. It’s not horrible, but still its clunky. I guess if you place your fingers in an unorthodox way you can circumvent that, but I am not going to unlearn keyboarding. The best solution is like that above, a mouse which has programmable buttons. I have a logitech G402 mouse. I programmed one of the four buttons next to the left mouse button as shift. Problem solved, and way more intuitive than the default settings.

  • The only problem is fighting from a horse. You cannot sprint and attack at the same time, with my set up. Same as before, index finger has to remove itself from sprint and hit left mouse button to attack and the horse slows down to a trot . To be honest the horse mechanics are just all around clunky combat included. If you could just double tap W to sprint, I think that would work.


Uh, no, I don’t believe that’s normal in the least, sorry

ring finger A
middle finger W
index finger D
Pinky over shift

no worries
no troubles
common for PC games since the 1990s.


What are you talking about? Who keys like that? That’s completely nontraditional. Sure you may game like that, but if you’ve learned how to properly use a keyboard you would know what a home key is and it doesn’t sound like you do. I am pretty sure most people place there fingers in the traditional manner. I for one am not going to unlearn proper keyboarding for the sake of a game. Also, if you use the standard keyboarding finger placement you KNOW where all the other keys are instinctively (keys like 1,q,alt, ctrl, tab etc.) Its a wonky set up, like a said previously, simply just double tapping w would be good for gallop.

Common for pc games in the 90’s for who besides you? Did you conduct a poll or something?


You don’t get it. nobody uses typing technique to play a game. That’s absurd. You’re not using the keyboard to craft a message, you’re using the keyboard as a game input device. Not the same thing. Stop using your typing class protocols to play a game.

I said “SINCE the 90s”. Not IN the 90s. And I did take a poll. The results rhyme with truck blue.


I use typing finger position and it works fine for me in this game (with some adjustments). Why you think I have to conform to your odd style is beyond me. Keyboarding is a system where u can utilize all the keys efficiently. I ve used it for long time and will continue to do so. Because, you use a form doesn’t mean everyone else does. My point is most people will use what there familiar with and I bet most people are familiar with standard keyboarding rather than what you suggest. Make a cogent point.


About the first comment your arguing minutia stick to the point, that’s completly irrelevant to the argument. Second point, you didn’t take a poll and you don’t know how many people use the style you use. Make a cogent point or beat it.


Baloney. WASD is standard for games for decades. A look at games manuals would illustrate that for you, but by all means, keep punching your balls.


Your obviously are clueless, Your first comment is [which i was referring to], “I said “SINCE the 90s”. Not IN the 90s." Is arguing minutia. You literally don’t have an idea of how to respond in a coherent manner. Also, I made no argument against the WASD standard, initially I was talking about finger position and the use of shift for gallop. I use it [wasd] fine in many other games including this one. Your like a dog chasing its tail man, read the post and try to comprehend what is being said before you reply. It makes you look really foolish.


Wow I felt the horse controls were intuitive, and never had any difficult in controlling my mount.

But there are a lot of complaintents here so maybe there should be an alternative control scheme.

One soultion is to bind an alternative control for LShift to mouse button four or something


Ya thats what I did, bound the shift key to my mouse. I mean its all good for me except the shift key. After, I bound it to the mouse no problems. Fighting from the horseback is less than intuitive though. You may have fared better though.


I am confused??? Myself pressed shift and it starts running, double pressing shift and it starts sprint.
I only use A and D to change direction. I am only pressing W some times just out of habit but i dont need that! :sweat_smile: My only used console commands for the horse are:
Tested again 1 min ago for that post!