How to play beta


Soo after i buy the game on steam i will can play the beta?


If you’re not backer, probably never on your PC.


Why anyone would want to play any game in it’s glitched and bugged filled Alpha and Beta stages, is beyond me. It also spoils the story in the early goings, but I digress, as I have given up trying to understand other peoples motives and why they are thinking the way they do, years ago. I’ll enjoy playing all the finished games, thank you very much!


Usually to compare whether some gameplay elements, assets, animations, (Bugs), NPC behaviors, and quests have been either

1: Scrapped
2: Improved
4: Not touched at all
5: (Censored)

Here point 5 will very likely not apply.


If the game runs on their PC and figure out what is it about. Seeing and playing is not the same thing.


I have never encountered that problem, mainly because I keep my PC updated and ready to play the latest upcoming games. It’s called computer maintenance. Yes it costs money, but that’s the price we must pay when owning a gaming PC and our constant demand of better graphics and mechanics. I for one, understand, accept and have no problems with it!


I just want to know. Yes or no?


No, it’s too late.


Then I will wait for the relase.