Hungarian Voices - Not suiting the game

I would like to point out that the “Megdöglesz te geci”, “Te fostalicska!” are both things people did not say in this time. This really ruins the immersion in the game so I suggest (in case you still have the Hungarian voice actor) to read this article: which is about medieval Hungarian swear words.


No one in Bohemia spoke english back than either. Even in England back then no one spoke english that is used in the game. It doesn’t make sense to use medieval Hungarian when no other language in the game is medieval. It’s logical that for the purpose of the game, contemporary languages are used.


It makes no sense that they speak Hungarian then… why ruin the game experience? For us what they say, is like the characters started saying motherfucker, cumbag etc. in english, so its very bad for the game experience. To be honest I don’t really care, because the game makers will be judged by what game they produce. If they want to piss off the majority of Hungarian players and make them not want to buy the game, then they should not worry.

They speak not Henry’s language, and more importantly, the player playing him. If you’ve ever watched dubbed anime, and seen people speak in English about speaking Japanese, it’s the same thing.

All voice work is temporary. In the alpha they spoke English and complained about the farm raid and the weather.

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I don’t see why Warhorse won’t just settle on subtitles. I don’t want English voice actors! Subtitles would be exquisite as they don’t take away from the immersion and you can hear a beautiful language rather than filthy modern English. The voice actors are terrible and there really is no balance between a medieval sounding person and a modern one. So just go the subtitles route!



Normally, I would disagree, but given the amount of immersion and authenticity they are going for, they should just hire Czech actors and use the medieval equivalent of the language.

Service speakers of different languages with subtitles, and not only do you save yourself some cash but time as well.

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There’s been an extensive discussion and poll on this topic some time ago, and it has been pretty much settled:

Good luck find enough actors that can speak medieval Czech and Hungarian fluently. Most people that knows these extinct languages are probably not very good actors. I prefer having vivid English (but not American variant) voice-overs than having to listen to bad acting regardless of language.

But I agree… It makes very little sense to have the Hungarians speaking Hungarian but the Bohemians speaking English.

It actually makes a lot of sense. They can´t speak czech all the time, as it would not fit the taste of majority of players. But hungarian will be heard very little, and it would emhasize the feeling of invaders, when they speak their very differently sounding language.


The main problem is the improper using the idiom “geci” and “fostalicska”.
In the modern hungarian “geci” is used by the lowlife gipsyes, they use it in almost every sentence. So instead the “Megöllek, te geci!” I propose “Megöllek te fattyú!” (I’ll kill you, bastard!) or “Megöllek te kurafi” (I’ll kill you son of a bitch!)
The “fostalicska” is rather silly or funny instead of dread. I advise, change the “Te fostalicska!” to “Te rohadék!”(ca. “You son of a bitch!” literally “You rotten person!”)


Hey Folks!

Aye I agree with lordbaal. In hungarian we have many authentic words instead of “geci”/“fostalicska”… Like “kurva fia/kurafi” = son of a bitch, “fattyú”= bastard, “kutya” = dog… This is improve the gameplay feeling for the hungarian lads. I hope, you will feel this topic constructive, and take the advice. Best wishes from Hungary!


Whatever… I’m just going to enjoy the beautiful voice acting.

Yes, as a Hunagian I found it very strange too, they should definitely change “geci” to the suggested ones by AstarottMar. Fattyú or kurafi would sound more medieval