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The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon offers story supplies with a humorous touch.
Not everyone liked the first DLC from Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Too much grind, too little story - and just this gap wants to close the second chargeable DLC of the Middle Ages RPG end of September 2018 again. The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon does not fit a postcard as a title, but finally offers new story feed - depending on the player in the middle of the campaign or even after the main story.

"At the same time, however, free content is also available for all owners of the main game: With Tournament, the regular campaign gets a regular tournament, in which you can prove yourself against particularly tough opponents. We had the extension extensively shown by developer Warhorse. Here is all information about the pai

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All information about the Hans Capon DLC
According to Warhorse, the paid Hans Capon expansion spends about 5 to 10 hours playing time, and the free tournament also offers a story quest for a mysterious black knight who wins one match after another.
In the Hans-Capon expansion you have to help Henry, the heavy-duty butt Hans, to conquer the heart of a lady. The DLC has a very humorous touch and leads Heinrich on a scavenger hunt across the game world.
The additional content can be started after the hunt with Hans Capon, so after about five hours of play. Regardless of where you are in the campaign afterwards. So if you have already completed the main story, you can join the game just as you would a few players.
The Odyssey that Hans Capon sends us leads, among other things, to a gambling den: There you can also earn a golden nose when rolling the dice beyond the quest line.
Of course, there are always several routes to the destination. For example, Heinrich can win fairly in the secret gambling room, but he may pocket a few blows because he is accused of fraud. Alternatively, let’s take a look at who will win the games. Or wait until the night breaks. Or, or, or.
Fighting plays a subordinate role in the adventure of Hans Capon, unless you deliberately shreds through the houses with the sword in your hand.
The free tournament takes place every seven days in Rattay. There you compete in duels, choose your favorite weapon, but also have to deal with the weapon choice of the opponent.
Because we do not want to spoil, of course, we conclude briefly: Who liked the Hans Capon quests in the main game and on the salacious humor of the aristocratic Taugenichts starts, which gets here a story extension that smoothly integrated into your score. Of course, we will take the DLC right to the release on

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Due tell!! :roll_eyes::disappointed:


Achtung Spoiler!!!
Viele Spoiler!!!
Warnung alles gespoilert!!!

Amorus Adventures of Bold Sir capon DLC layout

Spoilers in German are not real spoilers :-/


„Es ist ein nagelneuer Build mit Ecken und Kanten“

Is new build with rough edges a reasonable translation? If so, rough edges aren’t far from bleeding edge :open_mouth:

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Super Spoiler & Gameplay…


interessante Infos. Was mich aber wundert, was ist denn mit dem Making of Video? Das sollte ja laut Roadmap noch vor dem 2. DLC kommen, aber es wurde bisher nirgends mehr angesprochen


I hope that with each patch they do not worsen the graphics, I would not want something from a beautiful game turned into a normal one. Was disappointed when compared to the beta version of the schedule was greatly reduced. The game is great


this game needs to fix the women that Henry sleeps with, they all became dumb like Henry ram them to stupidity. The game needs a bit more relationship stories, and allow you to keep developing relationships. Professions need more work, and the alternative gameplay style needs more work. They promised you could speak your way to the end of the game, but that is almost impossible to do. Optimization is also needed, so I am not going to play this until it releases at least six more DLC, for obviously it was not finished.


Erstes Video über das DLC angeschaut und schon,
ja okay, wird auch wieder nicht gekauft. Völlige Geldverschwendung!


So far, there really isn’t an opt in for the DLC. The KCD upgrades come bundled with the DLC. The only option is to pay to activate some content.


The Tournament mode (and the quest black knight) are for free!

You only have to pay for the quests with Sir Hans(optional).


Yes, but you can’t really opt in. And given your DLC phobia/aversion, a little surprised you haven’t lost sleep over it


Weis man schon ein genaues Erscheinungsdatum für das DLC kanns nicht mehr erwarten ………………


Google Translate Bitter.


Do you already know an exact release date for the DLC can not wait