Loaded dice


Any of you scoundrel vagabond henrys into dice?
I have “found” a total of special dice so far.


I am a dice hustler. I picked up a red “holy trinity” die somewhere. I dont remember who i killed, robbed or traded with to get it. It allows for a greater chance of three dice pairings. Which special dice did you find?


I’ve got 2 strip dies, a holy trinity die, one that favors even numbers and 2 that have that special symbol for the 6…I roll 4 special dice and since then I have not needed more then 2 turns to win. Last night I rolled for like 7 hundred on my first two turns and then on my third turn I rolled four 1’s for 2000. The next game I played my first turn I rolled another four 1’s to win on the first roll. I still havn’t found anyone to play for more than like 50-60groschen


Holy trinity
Ci die
Loaded die
Odd die
Unfavourite die

Charlatans tend to have dice…


I’ve found a bunch, but only use my “lucky” and “odd” dice.

The ai on the opponents is a little hit or miss… I’ve had several rack up enough points to win the game, only to push it another roll and bust.


Thats because the ai are stupid drunk peasants :joy::joy::joy:


Every now and again there’s a guy in the ‘Inn in the glen’ who’ll play me for 90 odd. I consider him my drinking buddy


It kinda sucks the NPCs only have one game in them too. I mean, I know not everyone has loads and loads of money but they always leave after 1 game. Is it because I jack the bet up? If I play free games or cheap games will they keep playing until they’re out? Also, if I thrown them a bone and throw the game will their purse increase for more games or will they take my money and leave? Kinda dumb…even at 5g a game I’d play if they kept playing…wanna pass the time, get drunk and roll some dice


I think.they play until broke. Also if they win your cash you can follow them and steal it back.


niice. Maybe I’ll lower my stakes and see if I can get a few games out of them. I mean, if you’re playing dice for the money you’re doing it wrong lol


I have had the same guy stay for a second match a few times. Pretty sure it’s based on their groschen they have left as I lowered the bet each time hoping for multiple games and it worked. Works if you lose too.


I’m going to bet as low as I can and then as soon as his purse gets low start throwing games and increase bets to increase his purse and just see how long I can play the same guy for…IF he chooses to take his winnings, well that would just be a poor decision.


This is what I’m using…only using 1 strip die and not using the Even Number or Holy Trinity

And this was my first roll

Best dice to select while playing the minigame

That’s 2400


And then he got up after the first game, 12.6g out of possible 64g or so

Edit: the tavern was closing, so he probably had to leave


lol i just use 5 lucky dies and win everytime