Lost the trust of sir radzig

Train Hard, Fight Easy quest.
I have done the sword-fighting section and then follow Captain Bernard to the archery range. The game saves and then it’s “Game over” because I’ve lost the trust of Sir Radzig. Reload an earlier save and replay until the same thing happens again. I mean, give me a clue what I did wrong other than to buy this game in the first place.

@Col I had the same issue and realised it might not be a bug but a testament to how detailed the game is. Don’t shoot any arrows while Sir Hans is on the range. Shotting at or near nobility won’t make you friends, save those arrows and wait for him to move away before finishing the training.

You can shoot while he is on the range…no problem!
I hit him with an arrow at my first playthrough and I was just warned!

Well then, I’m stumped. After testing it for a while it was the only correlation I could think might be affecting it and not doing it got me past the archery training.

After reading a bit online, I tried loading from earlier saves and going to the start of the quest again. I even tried older saves where I hadn’t picked up the quest. One person also suggested sleeping in a bed that you don’t own before going to the range and that done nothing., same with a bed you do own and waiting until a later time. I’ve haven’t lost the trust of Sir Radzig before or since and as I said it’s the only thing that seems to correlate.

I’d rather the person tries it as a solution rather than give up on a good game because of a minor problem.

Nope, I never got to shoot any arrows, as soon as I showed up at the range it saved the game and then flashed up “game over”

Perhaps it is no longer relevant. But want to share the solution. This is a delayed bug from the night. A guard runs in the city, looking for you because of an unlit torch. Just find this guard and fire a torch. The guard will calmed down and a quest will continue without errors.