Movies in the style of "Kingdom Come: Deliverance"

Michael Kohlhaas


The Pillars of the Earth

Arn the Knight Templar

Queen Margot

Henry 4

The Tragedy of Macbeth


Kingdom of Heaven is another movie similar Kingdom Come

Yes, definitely. But this movie is already well known, like “Braveheart”. Wanted to show less known movies :slight_smile:

Ahh right :slight_smile:

I’ll have to check these movies out

All of them are excellent movies. There are even more like “Andrej Rublev” but no longer similar to Kingdom Come.

Flesh + Blood is definately worth to watch (although the trailer is shit).

Black Death is also OK if I recall correctly, though I’ve seen it only once…

“Black Death” is a good movie and I had listed it without the fantasy parts.

potop 1974

Hussite Revolutionary Trilogy by Otakar Vavra
-Jan Hus

  • Jan Žižka
  • Against All

Údolí včel (Valley of the bees)

Links to forementioned hussite trilogy of Otakar Vávra
Jan Hus

Jan Žižka

Proti všem/Against all

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The Last Valley - 1971

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Its not a movie but a tv show,its called “world without end”

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The story is about witches in Bohemia.