Nomadic warriors equipment

They may not be at Desht-i-Kipchak for about 150 by the XV century, but polovstians still preserved their culture until they were assimilated by hungarians.

At which year exactly did this happen? :slight_smile:

Yes, they preserved their culture, but they also lost it. Hungarian king Béla IV was giving them some land in 1239, but this was not Cumania, so they had to change their nomad livestyle by time no matter what, and in 1403 they were no nomads anymore. But there is no switch, no date when they lost their culture and when they were assimilated by hungarians, this was a steady process, and there is a lot of change in over 150 years.

Their language and culture ceased at XV century, by the way.[quote=“DrFusselpulli, post:15, topic:29670”]
mercenaries of King Sigismund

They were not mercenaries. They were Sigismund’s vassals and their nobles gave him an vassal oath. Like the polovstians did in XIII century.

So in XIV century they were still full cuman and on the new years eve into the XV century they decided to speak hungarian now and not be cumans anymore? No, it was a long and slow process.

I meant that they were finally assimilated in XV century.

In 1403 they were still there as Sigismund soldiers. Yes you are right, they were no mercenaries, but vassals with a special role, they were like his guard troops. They were nearly assimilated and had lost a lot of their former cuman culture at this time already, so they were not like the pictures you have shown above anymore.

Now it is just a topic about nomads battle equipment.

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Ah… okay. Mixed that up. Sorry :slight_smile:

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But do you know what in my opinion are kypchaks missing?

No, i have no idea. Just tell me. :slight_smile:

While walking among the kypchaks’ camp, I felt that they are missing this armor.

It is called kuyak. And it is basically a lammellar brigantine. Can’t say if it is historically correct.

Good question, unfortunately I don´t know either.

And just to make sure: Do you speak Russian?

No, unfortunately not.

So, back to kuyak. I personally, think that it is somewhat accurate.

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There is some good pictures for Polovtsy the 13th century, and Tartars 14-15 centuries.

Armor type brigantine … there are some moments. But I can say more a little later - busy now.

Ive picked up some Russian from being cursed at in Warthunder. :wink:

“Cyka Blyat”

That are much more curses… Much more…

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If they have lived in modern day Hungary at 1403, their armour might have been similar to western armour. Armour from Italy was exported until Greece, as well as the Baltic States and in modern day Czech western armour was used for sure. But no idea about your kychaks stuff

Well in 1403 polostvians/kypchaks lived in Kunśag region. In XIII century they preserved their nomadic lifestyle and culture. But by XV century they were practically assimilated, not very much was left of their culture, they have abandoned their nomadic lifestyle and their language was superseded by Hungarian. So, it is really hard to equip them.