Not 100 reasons why KCD is not perfect


Vanyek, Nightengale and others are untouchable. The mechanic is already used in KCD.


I was expecting, that this will be the task after Ratzig left the blacksmith after the “cutscene”. I was quite disapointed, that there was no blacksmith-related help to Henry`s father in Skalitz. This could/should be part of the tutorial.


Henry go get the kit on the table, repair the axe and then give it to me. Next, take this sword, use the grindstone over there, sharpen the sword and then give it back

Absolutely should be part of Skalitz quests

It’s not as if not having these quests/activities prevents Henry from getting a sword, mace or axe by some other means. I have multiples of all the guards weapons and armor (only used 3 saves, had 8 left; heard one of the forum posters accumulated a lot of stuff and experience in Skalitz and I wanted to give it a try in playline2)


Before opening this thread I assumed that this is another mindless hate thread of KCD.But I was damn wrong about it.
Most of your points are valid and I want them to fix some with patch and some with KC2.
However some points are unrealistic from a gameplay perspective or are legally complex.
KCD already received bad press because of the stupid media they couldn’t make it more controversial I think.
Well like y’all I love this game a lot.
One of the top 3 game of all time for me.
But there is a MASSIVE room for improvement.
The base of the game is very strong.So even with a lot of broken things it is still my favourite.


Finally some one who I agree with. There is still a lot of work to be done on this game despite the patches released.

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Won’t give a 100 reasons why the list isn’t perfect. Just two things, on food, and on ‘master of all trades’

On food. Yes, it’s realistic that food deteriorates over time. But IRL, game needs a week or more of deterioration before cooking. There’s a perk that extends the life of food in your inventory, but it is still unrealistic. Someone in the dev hierarchy has a hygiene fetish, cf all the washing & bathing

On mastery. Pretty satisfying, actually, to master everything. Nevertheless, the main thing I felt was that if Henry is going to major as a thug, he should not also be able to major as a politician, detective, lothario etc. BTW the way around the damaging perks is just to ignore them.


Hygiene fetish, ha. I clean myself after each battle and after coming to new location. It is not needed, even dirty armor is effective if you want to intimidate.


the rate of getting dirty just walking around need to be slowed down considerably by the devs… As someone pointed out :walk 200m and look like you fell into a mud puddle.

could be interesting layer of difficulty if Henry’s repair ability was just to blacksmithing and related skills. leaving tailoring and cobbling to the craftsman in towns. He could learn one but at a cost of time and a steep learning curve,


some great point you have here and also some of your points I dont agree but overall I agree with most of it.


I really dislike this design intent. There should be opportunity costs especially for a guy honing his skills in one summer (spring)