Patch Notes

Could a friendly lad point me to the official patch notes for 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 :slight_smile: ?
Probably I am blind…


Not blind, there are none available currently that I could find on the official site, Reddit, Steam etc.

Could really do with at least summary of these updates for reference. It’s normal practice to provide these to players and would be appreciated.

Looks like they include for example Offline mode via Steam for example, going forward.

Currently, treying to find offical comment and info means trawling a lot of different media sources including several various Twitter accounts. Having info posted to the official Twitter account and here in one place would be really helpful.

There should be easy way to fix the broken task with the birds like in the other games of this type. Can there be for example console code generated that creates the missing trap and allows to finish the task? The other way could be the console code that completes the task even though one is missing… Because i cannot complete it I also cannot proceed with the other tasks from the Huntsman. This also causes that I cannot develop skills of hunting! I personally have another bug on the miller - I cannot rob his pockets anymore after talking to him! So I cannot skill up - does anyone actually knows another miller that could teach me something?? Thanks.

Just an update since this was posted, they did make a post on the patch process which includes broad patch notes and also some updates now which is good. Check the official Patch Notes thread here;


Hello. Is there any known ETA on the next patch?
(im playing on Xbox, incase the patch dates are different)

Yes, dates are different. The patch 1.2.5 is finished already, and out for PC. It is in process of certification and will be published by Microsoft and Sony soon, but we don´t know when.
Patch 1.3 is still in production. As soon as it is finished, it will be published for PC, and send to Deep Silver.
They will test it for 1-2 days, and then send it to Sony and Microsoft, who will also test it, before they publish it on their platform. Thats why it takes longer for patches on consoles than on PC.
And we can´t tell exactly when it will come out.


I thought they reverted 1.2.5 to 1.2.2 because of a big bug in the quest “ginger in a pickle”

It is more complicated. Yes, we did. Then we fixed the bug in 1.2.5 and uploaded it again. So there are two versions of the 1.2.5 patch, the old one with this “ginger in a pickle” bug, and the new one, where this is fixed. The new version is in certification process right now and uploaded for PC.

On Steam which version will I have as it’s all automatic.

When “1.3” will come out you’ll download “1.3”. That’s all. :wink::wine_glass:

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And the mod load order module will be in patch 1.3 (since the wiki says that it is as of yet not working in 1.2.5), right?

Just to clear things up, but will the mod load order functionality also implement a fix/workaround for conflicting mods ( lets say mod A changes the textures of said sword and mod B changes the stats of multiple swords including the one with new textures) so both mods will work. Or wil it be like first load mod B that changes all stats then override mod B with mod A?

(I hope this post is decipherable ;p )

What about a “Patch status page” on the main page of, telling what’s the current status? I mean, seriously, it’s not that difficult to put online a simple table in format like:

Platform 1.2.2 1.2.5 1.3.0
PC Obsolete (update) Active In development (ETA ..?)
XBOX Active Sent for certification at ..? In development (ETA ..?)
PS4 Active Sent for certification at ..? In development (ETA ..?)

The table misses 1 more column - description =)

That’s just lazy PR. Sadly.

Thanks for your reply. So the PC 's version of 1.3 will probably come out next week ? Most people believed we could have it during the weekend.


Clickable link to patch notes would be probably for the best :slight_smile:

On PC at least, the patch update is automatically installed when it becomes available. That’s one great advantage of the Steam and Ubisoft experience. It’s the main reason why I sold about 350 physical copies of my game library and only kept my favorite 50, which I will soon be selling too. Even though I know that I don’t really own those games that I paid for and that they are at risk of getting removed or the companies might go out of business, with the risk of loosing all my games in my online library of games, I chose that route, mainly for the maintenance and automatic patch upgrades installments. If I should ever loose all my games, I will just purchase my all-time favorite games again at whatever new gaming site that comes around and that I choose to do business with… It is what it is! :sunglasses:

Can you at least say when production of the patch will finish?

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NA sai kala aderfe. :slight_smile:

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