Realistic forest and day break


I just gotta say, when the sun hits just right and you’re roaming the woods, they really nailed it with realism. I feel transported to a wooded area around here mushroom hunting or wabbit hunting.

Also when you’ve been breaking into people’s houses all night and the sun starts to rise, reminds me of being a kid staying up all night and how quiet it is in the early morning


I was using t_scale=10 the whole day cycle and when Sunset starts… I can’t describe this feeling. It’s so natural. :drooling_face:


Can you give a bit more detail of that timescale command, t_scale=10.

It that simply ended in the console, or requires admin console enabled etc.? Thanks.

Really prefer for days and nights to last longer as they tend to pass too quickly as it is.

Is the Default timescale 15? I found one reference to it as t_scale 1/10, which seesm to imply it only has that range.

Looks like 10 is fastest.

Also wondering how that impacts quest timers, movement speed, shadows etc.

Looks like for actual game play it will cause issue, maybe only for recording?