Redesign our FAQ’s

WE NEED YOU!!! …. to help us redesign our FAQ site.

The nearer we get to the ALPHA the more questions are piling up. So we decided to work on our FAQ-page and relocate it, but we need your help to do so. What do you have in mind? Which suggestions do you have and how does the perfect FAQ-site look like? Tell us your opinion and let’s cooperate. Make good thinks even better!

I would start there.

Is it going to be on Steam? (I already know that the answer is yes)

I suggest underlining the questions for better look of the FAQ : )

How I would design a FAQ page:


Header 1 [Game features]

  • Question 1 [Will we see multiplayer?]
    Answer 1 [Kingdom Come: Deliverance is first and foremost a singleplayer game. We are considering cooperative multiplayer in the far future.]
  • Question 2
  • Question 3
  • etc.

Header 2

  • Question 1
  • etc.

Header 3

The main reason you go to a faq, is to quickly get an answer to a specific question. It’s therefore essential to give a quick overview. With broad headers divided into specific questions, you can quickly home in on your answer. Hiding the answers in foldouts or outright links allow users to quickly identify questions, and removes unnecessary fill from the page, that the brain has to sort out.

A couple of other tips:
Keep the text clean and easily read. Make it relatively compact, so you’re able to see more than just a couple of questions at once. Strip out the medieval visual theme, at least to it’s bare minimum. You have already hooked the user, if he is looking at the faq.

Keep the answers short, and clear. If people leave just as uncertain as they came, the faq didn’t really work. If you find yourselves writing long answers, consider splitting them up into different questions. Don’t be afraid of answering similar questions. It’s better to answer “What weapons will we see?” and “Weapon type vs different Weapon type?” rather than “How does combat work?”


To get better layout you should put the questions closer to respective answers and farther from previous answers. And make the margins between paragraphs inside the answers less than the ones between the questions. Because current margins are all the same and the semantic relations between the elements of the text are not readable. Also font size of the questions can be enlarged with use of no bold font style, just regular style, but larger.

Also I dig the word wrapping in your blog. It would be great to see it on FAQ page. I don’t think that medieval visual theme makes it hard to find the answers. It’s just the matter of taste to me.

Maybe later it would be useful to group the answers. This would be useful if it becomes about 50 of them. For example: 1) general FAQ, 2) FAQ about the gameplay, setting and mechanics, 3) FAQ about shop and support mechanisms, 4) FAQ about publishing 5) FAQ about cooperating with you and so on. If there’s going to be more than 50, then you probably should hide the answers and add separate search field for FAQ’s. So the answer will be revealed when user clics on the question or views it via search queue.

It’s obvious, but it’s useful to reflect on how Help sections of successful servises are built. for example.

Google too

DISCLAIMER: This is not advertising! I’m not saying that links above are perfect services or anything like that.

Good luck!

I mean like that

I just toggled some paragraph style in Firebug. Makes more sense, right?