Seems I "completely failed" mysterious ways

Hey everyone, as in the header, It seems I completely failed mysterious ways,I just slept after we woke up in church with godwin and I didnt go up. He stopped trusting me, I tried bailiff’s, rattay guys with robe and even gone to the cave for a guy (looked on youtube :frowning: ) Anyway, I dont know how to go on for main questline, I even donated 2k grosen to god to forgive me but no helps. I would happy If anyone help me to find magical solution (page is in my native, but ı think problem is clear)

the quest is marked as failed. no way to reactivate it. You have to load an older savegame. Do you know, wky you have failed? Maybe your selections in the church?

I dont know why I failed, to be honest, ı dont want to lose all the progress I made after it, ı played a lot and I couldnt even join the seramon with godwin. ıt doesnt make sense for me right now? I just stucked in mainquestline? I am even open to solutions to make it completed by codes or something because I progressed a lot and I even dont know how I failed. I even may not have a saved game for that time :confused: