So I see they announced some DLC.....?

Ok Ik the devs don’t ever post anything here about anything (correct me if I’m wrong), but I’m scrolling through the topics here and I’m not seeing anyone talking about the dlc road map or what WH is gonna be showing at E3. I was just randomly searching google and searched KCD, and saw afew days back they revealed the road map and the dlc. I’m excited about what’s coming up at E3 was abit surprised to see that WH was actually attending and showing casing something.

This game could use some fleshing out, but lol I have to admit the only thing I’m interested in seeing at E3 is Cyberpunk 2077! But this now that WH may be showing something off aswell has me abit intrigued.

Thoughts anyone?

Yes, Sir. Eagerly awaiting “From The Ashes” - from what I’ve read it should be available around the time of E3

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Ok ok where is that thread sitting in this forum lol cause I can’t see it (I can open the link to it) is it a sticky somewhere? Lol I scrolled around here when I logged in and never saw it. (Just note this forum is not optimized for mobile browsers so I have issues navigating it on my iPad)

this is a game for real gamers not the aaa parade lol. real gamers get kcd and e3 is for the masses. i do want kcd to get more mainstream attention but honestly who cares if there too stupid to realise how good it is!

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