Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

This guy… :DD From those questions I had feeling you must be my long lost brother lol, except for taste in games…

Aaanyway, do you live alone in Prague?
What do you think you will do after the game is finished? What are you looking for/afraid of after release?
Maybe not exactly best question for you, but hey… How many people does WH employ at this moment?

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BoN in Prague was great, with great people!!! Would like to visit it next year again! :blush:

When you play another game and find a bug, are you amused or angry? Do you make bugreports?

Will there be a closed “beta”? There are so many different PC systems. At the moment WH has about 5-10 people in the QA. Without min. 100 people more to test, there is no chance for a playable release. Do you need more tester?

Yes, hard days and nights before and after the alpha/beta release, but I think a good test for the finale release.
Will WH release the game additional on the downloader, or only on Steam/GOG?

Looks like WH is doing the same at the beginning (killing Henrys girlsfriend Bianca). Will you hate the game? :slight_smile:

Crunch time and bugsearch is not a good combo. Stay focused and I wish you the best. Let´s drink another beer together, next year! :wink:


Is this the best job you’ve ever had?
Sounds easy, but what are the difficulties?

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Hi, @ProkyBrambora .
I remember BoN and the first evening and I have no doubt that you are a perfect QA tester for the funny save system. :wink:


One question;

When can we hope to see our next video update? Be a nice Christmas present for the faithful community we are :smile:

within next 39 hours

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My Qns:
(1) How much the Story/Script of KCD matched the expectations as a fan you had before joining in Warhorse?
(2) Any plan to release open/closed beta for public of the final game?
(3) Is it really possible to have a 100% bug/glitch free open-world rpg by today’s standards?
Thank you…

Have my posts ever driven you to depression?

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I want to answer this question: Tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Hi, you mighty Beast
As you can imagine, it affected it a lot. As you know I was a big fan of the game and I would play the shit out of it after the release.
Now I might consider playing just some parts, which I haven’t had chance to test. Though I doubt that there will be such parts.

Hey, bro
And go to hell. No one shall insult my games! :smiley:

Nope, I live with my family. I am abusing that privilege to maximum extent.

Hopefully I will be still working at Warhorse on the next game. If the first will be successful, that is.

I am exicted to see what will people say about the game and how will they like it. And simultaneously I am afraid of it.

It’s something around a hundred people

Oh yea, it was. I am not sure, though, whether the next BoN will be held in Prague again.

I depends. Does the bug blocks the progress? or does it lead to crash? Those are the angry bugs.
But otherwise I am definitely more amused. I am like “HEY… THAT’S A BUG!!!.. HAHAHA!”

Sometimes. But I confess before Warhorse I would not report bugs. Only now I am professionally deformed enough to do so :smiley:

I don’t know of any plans for closed beta.
But I do see where you are coming from and closed beta would definitely had some pros.
We do need more testers and some new ones are yet to come. But we are running out of space where to put them.

I cannot really say whether we will have our own downloader for the final release. I don’t know, that is to be decided yes, I suppose.

Oh no, in Watchdogs they killed her in the middle of the game (or was it the end?). We operate differently :smiley:

Thank you!
Looking forward to meeting again.


Let me assure you it isn’t easy.
Difficulties are to stay sharp and critical all the time. It’s easy to get used to some bugs and that exactly what should not happen. Every bug is a xenos filth (if you forgive me that expression) and has to be eliminated!

I still remember… Straubinger-gaubodenfest… I will go there sometime :smiley:

As @GingerFOX said below. It should be out tomorrow at 8th December.

Almost not at all. Even though the alpha quests were good representation of what is coming, I surely did not expect so awesome writing and so funny and bad-ass dialogues.

As I said above, I don’t know of any plans.

I don’t think so. Even the big studios release games with many bugs and they have much bigger QA teams working for them than we have.
Bugs will always be present and at some point someone has to say “stop” and then it only comes to which bugs will stay and which will have to be fixed.

what do you think?


Now you ask questions for our Concept Artist Tomáš Duchek.

2 Tomáš Duchek:

My question is, the whole game obviously aims to be realistic, how hard is to make art/illustrations that should look like they have been created several centuries ago? How hard was it to make it “work”? Anything interesting you found out? I love that the ingame codex illustrations are similar in style to that found in actual medieval manuscripts, perhaps with a tiny modern twist? A year ago I got a book called “Krása českých iluminovaných rukopisů/Beauty of czech illuminated manuscripts”, if one would sneak a page with illustrations from KCD into it I almost wouldn’t be able to notice. Great work!


From your portfolio, it would seem that you like doing fantasy stuff. For KCD however, you are required to portrait real history accurately. I am quite surprised how interesting and awesome your concepts look despite of that…
…But did you ever feel creatively restricted painting the real landscapes, buildings etc.?

Have you enjoyed realism from the beginning, or is it harder for you to come up with coolness?

With how many other concept artists do you work with? What is the scope of your team work? (How many reference do you have to create for what assets / environment, icons, logos, loading screens, maps, codex, promo art… did I miss anything?). What are you responsible for the most personally?

What details do you have to consult with historian for example?

How long does it take to create something like this?


My Qns:
(1) What are the most important qualities a concept artist should have?
(2) Which did you like creating for KCD - Characters or Environment?
(3) What are your favorite animated films?
Thank you!

Now you can ask questions for Tomáš Kozlik.

This animation flashed me. But it´s not the face, it´s the throat!!

Has everyone been scanned with the throat? It looks so much better than only a face animation! I hope we have this on every NPC.

Everyone wants a fluid combat and superb animation. But I prefer it more natural. If not every movement looks like a choreography. Will we have different animations for the same move? It would be great, if not every time the same is shown.


My Qns:
(1) Will the combat in the final game be as fluid and smooth as a First Person Shooter?
(2) What challenges and difficulties are faced in mo-cap and animation departments in creating ‘Group Combat’?
(3) ‘Historically Accurate Combat’, ‘Inverse Kinematics’, ‘3D Animation’, ‘First Person’ - What were your initial reactions on hearing this?
Thank you!

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Now you can ask questions for our creative director Daniel Vávra.
Please note that it may will take a while till you will receive an answer because of the Christmas holidays.

You mentioned that you were interested in the hussite wars and perhaps continuing the Kingdom Come series with those as a theme. Do you think Kingdom Come will always be set in Bohemia in the 15th century, or will you perhaps branch out to other time periods and locations? :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!

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Do you have some fans? If you have did someone give you some gift? Like groshen or a metal figure of a knight names(Oldřich) or some fan art???