Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions

@warhorse I know it’s by far too late, but exams at university are killing my onlinetime :no_mouth: Please forward my questions to Jan Valta if it’s still possible to do so:

a) Did you make any last-minute-changes when playing your symphony with the orchestra for the first time? I’ll just suppose you did, if yes, were it only “minor” changes or big ones as well?
b) Do you think there’s a chance of seeing you conduct the KCD-music on real stage some time? I definitely wouldn’t want to miss that like I missed the weekly torch…
c) Who’s your favourite conductor (besides your father, of course :smile: )?

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Yes, it is still time :slight_smile:
I will try to get his answers this week, but I can´t promise.

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Good Here are some more for Jan

Extr 1: For now it seems that there are three different combat mood music (Generic, Victory, Loss). Is it planned to have more like (Slightly Disadvantage, Slightly Advantage, Middle Advantage, Middle Disadvantage, Victory, Loss?)

the poor guy in the heading picture getting put on blast picking his nose. you ruthless bastards can’t a person root without being shamed :DDD

Now you can ask questions to our designer Martin Strnad

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Hey Martin,

Noticed your gravitation towards immersive sim style games. That is possibly my very favorite genre and I was wondering if you have gotten the chance to check out Prey yet? I feel like it slipped under a lot of people’s radar and it has really captured me in the time I have put into it.


Ahoj Martin,

Immersion over all - count me in :slight_smile:

Thank you for caring of the small details and pleasing all people with a keen eyes for details (like me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Here are some questions :slight_smile:

1: In the beta there were open chests and sacks full op vegetables, will the visible content match the amount of objects. A chest full of apples (model with texture) but the content is one apple or vice versa does not look good :slight_smile:

2: Are you also responsible for the spawning of particle effects and decals. e.g, when someone chops wood, small splinter decals. Is there any possibility to tweak the lifetime so, that it depletes, when we do not face it on-camera… Disappearing objects on-camera are very immersive breaking, they can be destroyed (for performance reasons) if we do not see them and are not in close vicinity.

3: Will NPC who do not have a visible purse, still have smalllootable items besides the clothing, it would look strange if they would have more items like apples, or armor or anything that does not fit into pockets or purses.

4: Immersive buying:

OK let’s start with immersive buying and selling :slight_smile:

4.1: Will the shopkeepers, go to their storage and then one by one carry the selected items (I mean I couldn’t carry five helmets and two breastplate at once : ) ) and put them on the display?
4.2: Will Henry be able to grab those items and see them, e.g. rotate them to see them from all sides, just to make sure that it is still mint :slight_smile:
4.3: Then after the haggling, will Henry lay the amount of gold in a purse onto the display and the shopkeeper will count the money (will it be possible to cheat as to give less money into the purse) and can some shopkeepers be cheated upon, there might be still naive ones though :wink: )
4.4: After the transaction you can then grab the items and equip them or put it in the purse :slight_smile:
4.5: During the whole process will it be possible to grab something from the display and steal it.
4.6. The whole stock should be in the storage which could be lock picked by night :slight_smile:

OK, how immersive does this sound and how many of those points will we see in the game if not due to release then maybe later ?

5: Now for immersive selling :slight_smile:

5.1: Will Henry put the selected items onto the display one by one?
5.2: Will then the Shopkeeper be able to grab those items and see them, e.g. rotate them to see them from all sides, just to make sure that it is still mint :slight_smile:
5.3: Then after the haggling, will the Shopkeeper lay the amount of gold in a purse onto the display and then the player might count the money (will it be possible that the shopkeeper cheat) and can Henry react to it?
5.4: After the transaction will the shopkeeper put the items one by one into his store.
5.5: During the whole process will it be possible that the shopkeeper grab something from the display and tries to steal it and how can Henry react to it?
5.6. The sold items should be in the storage which could be lock picked by night :slight_smile:

OK, how immersive does this sound and how many of those points will we see in the game if not due to release then maybe later ?

6: A more immersive GUI:

As a pen & paper game-master. I have encountered a phenomenon. After a while the players concentrate more about the optimization of the stats then on the role-play. Personally I try to counter this with more bonuses for good role-playing but I wondered that this is due to open numbers. Have you and your colleagues tried to create a GUI with no visible numbers at all. Percentages or more vague indicators like a scale from very bad to master (1 - 10) could be more immersive and could the player let more concentrate on the role playing than on number optimization. And even if you are a master there are still factors, like mood, hunger, fatigue, or some damn luck that might change the outcome of a battle.
I am just asking if you have ever thought about this. Of course internally the numbers must be exact :slight_smile:

7: In the latest game play shopkeepers sold Bandit Items? Will we have some black market stuff :slight_smile: And will this be sold off-hours :wink:

8: Are the prices nearly authentic or are they lowered?

Since you lose a home … could you buy one later on in game??? I was so shocked about this game I came across from youtube I’m a young black guy from Los Angeles that’s how effective y’all have been with all the vids and promotions I can’t wait for real!!! Thank you ahead of time … I’m gonna master this one

Sorry you can’t buy or build a home in the game. Maybe a mod will make this possible.
If you think about it the kingdom of Bohemia is in crises and at a sort of civil war. So the main character has at first other things to worry about than building a home when the enemy could be right lurking in the next forest.

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Yeah, i guess, someone just would make a free model of a home at the map and you will be able to stay there or even a castle. So, people, just calm down. Modders are gonna do everything for you, but you need to understand, why developers didn’t give a home to Henry .

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I really appreciate ur response good looking out … it was jus something I been thinking about I mean this is like the first realism I have seen only other game is that (Identity Game) it’s not out yet but I been watching the making of it, it’s coming along it’s based on realism in modern times like today soo both to me kind of remind me a lil of each other… not to take anything away from either game there both great

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I already have the answers from Jan Valta and will upload them soon, and Martin Strnad works his answers right now, but for now, you can ask questions to Ondřej Stuchl

What about our beloved Victor? :slight_smile:


I will get to him too of course. I am Team Viktor! But he is very busy and I have to find the right spot, so close to the release. He isn´t forgotten.


I want to read about Viktor too. Many things he might tell to us. :+1:


I had this question in my tongue for a few days already. Good someone asked, did not want to look like an impatient… :smiley:

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Let us begin shall we :stuck_out_tongue:

Your energy drink stack reminds me of a colleague of mine, such a classic scenes in any IT-Office :wink:

General questions:

1.1: How big the the day 1 patch now?
1.2: In Percent What is the distribution of fixed: Show stoppers/Major Bugs/Normal Bugs/Minor Bugs?
1.3: How many Bugs have been fixed in the day one patch, a statistic (amount and percentage would be fine too :smile: :slight_smile:

2: How old are the following screenshots:

  • Screenshot_1
  • Screenshot_2
  • Screenshot_13

Those contain very bad scabbard depictions (hopefully they are old)

3: I love the older fallouts too :wink:

I agree, especially the US Version. One of the rare games, where you actually had to live with consequences. I loved to join the slavers and the reactions from NPCs in the future :slight_smile:

4: I predict, that you will come to hate me after the release more than now :slight_smile:

OK now for the not-so general questions

1.1: In which category do visual bugs in cinematics fall e.g. missing scabbards, wrong weapons etc… ?
1.2: How many of those have you encountered and in your system :slight_smile:
1.3: How many are fixed for now :slight_smile:

2: How hard is it to provoke weather depending situations?

3: Can your cheat-engine change the weather, so that you can provoke weather dependent situations?

4: How big will the day 1 patch be more than 6 GB? :slight_smile:

5: Last but not least :slight_smile:

I actually have two copies right now I am still wondering to order two more but only if you:

  • Add suspensions to all scabbards
  • Add suspensions to all short staffed weapons (maces, hammers, axes,…)
  • Add straps to shields
  • Add straps to quivers
  • !!!Add scabbards for daggers (PC and NPCs)!!
  • Fix the bow wearing problem with bow scabbards or some other way


Edit: I just preordered it a third time, it’s your turn :slight_smile:


@ Ondřej Stuchl
With these pictures, are they old or recent?
Kind of worries me about when the game releases how many bugs there will be. I mean, I’m sure there will be some but if the game breaking ones are fixed, I don’t think I will really care. c:

Sorry, in the last weeks it was very difficult for me to manage the weekly torch. I have some answers already for the community questions, and I hope I will be able to put them on soon. But for now, you can ask even more questions to our scripter Josef Vachek


Hi Josef,

Thank you for putting life into the npcs?

1: Do you script only the NPC-Dialogues and behavior or also other things like physical behavior of objects?

2: Melissa said the following thing:

The important part is:

2.1: Can you elaborate on this topic a little bit more?
2.2: If you have worked on could you tell us the details and the status :wink:
2.3: If you have not worked on it could you still tell us some details and the current status :wink:

  1. What were the most notorious bugs you have fixed so far?

  2. What were the best things you have scripted so far :slight_smile:

  3. What were the things you wanted to script but didn’t had the time to .

6: Does your NPC also have BAD-Decisions possibilities scripted into them, nothing is more frustrating than an almighty AI, that always takes perfect choices, which are bad for the player and the contrary is also bad, when the AI always uses bad decisions. The mixture is perfect :slight_smile:

On an other note: What kind of anime do you watch?