Weekly Torch - the barrel of questions


I will be technical and I do not have anything against technical answers :slight_smile:

General Questions

1: In which cases do you rely solely on the CryEngines pyhsical system and in which cases do you use self-desgined physical systems (if any)?

2: Have you modified the CryEngine Core? If yes, then in what extent?

3: What were the biggest problems you have encountered so far?

  1. What tools did you create and for what puroses?

Some architectural/technical questions

1: What are the langues your game is written upon. The Cry-Engine is the core (C++), you have built your system above it with plugins (I presume also C++), then you have your AI/Behavior/Game System Scripts, what languages are you using, I presume LUA but I also saw Python in the install directory.

2: For what do you use Python?

3: What programm did you used to make your animations (Maya? 3DsMax)

4: What is the format of your animations?

5: What are the mesh types your characters are composed of (The standarad, skeleton and static) or with more

6: Do you work with destructible meshes?

7: What IDE are you using, in your videos I saw IntelliJ :slight_smile:


1: What is your approach for the optimization of the NPC-Behavioural optimization?

2: What will be optimized graphically?

3: How many LODs will you include?

4: How is your approach for the LOD change?

5: In which cases are scripts more performant than using only the CryEninge itself? (If there are some cases)

6: Will you use multithreading for AI-Calculations or do you already use it to some degree? If you will use multithreading will you implement it scalabe or will you assume a certain amount of cores/threads and set it as a maximum?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Now it´s time to ask questions for our 3D Environment Artist Joukejan “Jouke” Timmermans from the Netherlands:

Haha, I would like to see Jouke´s face if there is such winter like it used to be 10-15 years ago ever again… :smiley: This winter is still nothing, I remember few meters of snow in front of our house… we could jump from third floor roof and be absolutely ok :slight_smile:

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Do you like Jan Žižka? Or what historic person is you think is best?

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To Jouke:

  1. Since you are making LoDs now, I was wondering what is your opinion about pop-in in games and LoDs in general. Is this something that could be eliminated in the future ? Pop-in of geometry and objects is one of the most distracting and annoying visual issues in videogames today. Some games do pretty good job hiding it (Just Cause 2 or Witcher 3 come to mind), some games do horrible job of it (Forza Horizon 3 has foliage popping everywhere, Kingdom Come tech alpha and techbeta had terrible grass LoD issues).
    Is the foliage and grass pop-in going to be well handled in final version of KCD, to have it non-distracting?
    Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there,

(1) Of all assets you created or you know that are created and were usable in the real world, how many are usable in the game?

(2) Are there any swords stands, where character can put their swords with scabbards into :wink:

(3) Please name the conflicts you had with your historian (if there were some) :wink: Because as an artist, somehow artistic tendency tends to overrule the reality in the arts :slight_smile:

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Here you can ask questions to our tester Jaroslav “Jantoš” Antoš? now:

FPS on ur screens (20.01) is about 30.
But Tobi posted this screen (18.01)

I’m at a loss. :о)

Damned pink mane.

Different rigs, different fps. We need to test several different cards and set ups. The pic I took was on a stronger comp. It also heavily depends on the data which you get in the morning. Bugs can create major FPS drops.

Hi big warhorsian brother :smiley: I am really interrested about the hardaware you are testing the game? (in czech-jsetli ti to neva).I must know that because i want to play KCD on high details,and in your screenshots of the game is a frame-rate(takže můžu podle čeho porovnávat).Thank you a lot knight Jantoš from kingdom of a Ústí nad labem.

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@ Jaroslav
Thank you for the deep and informativ look inside of WH.

This is actually the nicest part of the work as a tester,<

Please describe the bad side of the job… :slight_smile:

You really like the game. What kind of DLCs would make the game even better? Is this possible?

Who decides in the end,… this is a balance problem, this is a feature, this is a bug or we can´t fix this problem?

Unfortunately, with the way the game is constantly in development and everything changes quite often<

How many bugs do you think will be in the end (at release) in the game… :smile:
Is it possible to make an open world game without bugs?

After release will you play the game? Do you enjoy watching people play the game?
Will you make a video channel, with tips and tricks for playing KCD? :blush: ( You know all the hints!)

So… can we expect Daniel Vavra´s answers?

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Yes, I already have a plan to get his answers. I remind him quite often…



1: Do you provoke ununsual situations just to see if realistic or if not then at least believeable behavior of NPCs is seen on screen? For example standing a whole at a spot just to see whether torches or fires are being lit/extinguished by NPCs?

2: How do you behave when you see clipping errors?

3: In percent, how many bugs do you have discovered and how many of your discoveries have been fixed?

4: Are the reportings from the Beta still valid or are the reported bugs not in the dev version anymore?

Thats your chance! You can ask your questions to our Historical Consultant Joanna “Asia” Nowak now:

What way does Catholic Poland view Czech Reformation in general and Hussite wars in particular?

What kind of understanding regarding today’s 90% atheism rate in the Czech Republic is there in Poland?

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  1. Why didnt you like philosophy?
  2. How much time do you spend in archives ? How hard was it for you to find documents and facts about everyday life in medieval Bohemia ?
  3. Whats your favourite romanesque/gothical cathedral?
    4)* Sorry if it sounds agressive, did you study history or history of art? Since you worked in some cool jobs like conservation ?
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Personal I find the answer for this question very interesting. At last no favourite. :neutral_face:

  1. Who would be your favourite King: Wenceslaus IV. or Sigismund and why?

Do you have a advice for books or exhibitions about this two guys and why they where liked or disliked by some folks at their time, why these brothers acted as they did.

I’m also curious about the intro discussion about the political situation in KCD at the tavern. Will it explaine why Wenceslaus was expected to go on to be crowned as emperor?
And why his unwillingness to become emperor created anger?

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So I know that the events, the location, the props, weapons and clothing have all been modelled close to the historical reality, likely thanks to your counsel. Now I am wondering, how much did you have your hands in creation of the NPCs?

I imagine that all but a few are fictional, but how close is their behaviour and dialogue modelled according to the medieval mindset, culture, customs and beliefs? When interacting with them, will we find things that are alien to us, or are they acting more like modern people in front of a historical backdrop?


Hi, I have some questions for Joanna:

First, let me say how delighted I am that Warhorse has a “Historical Accuracy” person! So many games try to make things look medieval to the untrained eye, but to anyone with real interest it’s easy to see where they didn’t know what was truth from what is commonly accepted fiction. So I’m VERY glad that you work at Warhorse! Of course I also understand all the constraints you and your coworkers are under so I don’t think anyone expects a perfectly historical game. When it comes to medieval historical accuracy so many things are still unknown and there are sometimes several opposing views on what the truth really was, and what I personally find most exasperating is the medieval people’s near total lack of consistency and standardization! So on to my questions!

What are your main sources of information on historical material, architecture, clothing, agriculture, weapons, armor, etc for the game? Do you often search for answers from multiple sources to compare the opinions? What source is your favorite and why?

Thanks for your participation in this project!

Phoenix Arizona, USA

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