Your top favorite 3 movies of the last year!

I watched “Errementari”. What the hell was that? It’s a comedy movie and absolutely crap.

I liked it, but honestly I wasnt expecting much.

I’m writing in german:

Ich erwartete ein Drama, aber alles war sehr albern. Teufel, die Erbsen zählen und der zweimal in dieselbe Bärenfalle läuft. Und am Ende kommt Luzifer, der dann wieder Kichererbsen zählt. Das ist sehr dämlich. Ich habe gehofft der Film sei ernstzunehmend.

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Reason writing this in german? If you want write in german, start german topic.
Btw, If you like some weird disturbing horror shit, try Hereditary and Midsommar (new in cinemas). I saw only Hereditary, not the second one (and I don’t even know if I want to :smiley: ). It’s quite bizarre.

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Because my english is not so good to write my thoughts of the movie in my own words. For example: what means “Kichererbse” in english?
Your luck that english is your mother language.
Hereditary is a great horror movie, but there are a lot (!!!) better new horror movies. For example: Suspiria, The Eyes of my Mother, Darling, True Love Ways

If you think Hereditary is weird and bizarre (if that isn’t exactly what horror should be), watch Eraserhead or Begotten. Or Mandy.

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Google translator, or use some simpler word for it. English also isn’t my mother language and I also struggle sometimes with it. :grinning:

Yes, I know there are many weirder and more bizarre horrors, but level of Hereditary was just enough for me. It’s not entirely my cup of tea.

Are bizarre movies not your cup of tea in general or is it just Hereditary?
You wrote “horror shit” - but horror is not shit. Horror is art. There are a lot very intelligent and complex horror movies. Why I like Hereditary is because there are no cheap jumpscares. It’s horror that come from the depressive atmosphere. But watch Suspiria. This is the actual horror idol.

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Play “Agony” which is like Errementari, but more hell.

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Horror shit wasn’t meant as an insult. Actually Hereditary for example is too “real” horror for me, if you know what I mean. And I feel it’s little too much for my taste sometimes. So I don’t know if I want to watch another films, even more bizarre than Hereditary.

Before, I watched a lot of those “ghost in the house” horrors, or slashers. But it became boring and I more likely laugh instead of be scared :smiley: From this kind of horrors I liked a lot The Woman in black, nice scary atmosphere and english victorian era, which I like.

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Yes, “The Woman in Black” is a great and scary horror movie, but it has some jumpscares whose an intelligent horror movie should not use. I really recommend “Suspiria” in 4K, “Goodnight Mommy”, “The Eyes of my Mother”, “Darling” and “True Love Ways” which are pure art and mental sickness. For grown-ups, not for the Conjuring mainstream.

Suspiria is a masterpiece and when I say masterpiece I mean masterpiece. Here is the 2018 version even better than the 1977 original. But both movies are masterpieces and ultimate scary.

If is horror based only on jumpscares, it’s shit. But when it has also great overall atmosphere and it’s scary, few jumpscares don’t bother me.

Yes, thanks I will check it out.

Jumpscares are a no go. A professional horror movie/game director/developer does not use them. Nevertheless I love “The Woman in Black” it has an excellent atmosphere. I recommend “Black Sunday” (1960) from Mario Bava. It’s a Gothic horror legend.

  1. Deadpool 2
  2. Spiderman Far From Home
  3. Jumanji