0 crime run (SPOILERS)

For new players who wander if its possible to make a full no crime run (I have not yet found anything that clarifies everything), I think is possible but you have to give up on certain things.

  1. “Ruin” side quest. For its considered looting to grab the spurs and the ears.
  2. Killing Black Peter. For he is considered a civilian.
    …I will update on more things. I am being very careful in my run, so if there is someone out there who wants the same, it might help.

I don’t think it’s possible. Even if you live like a hermit and survived on mushrooms and rabbits. Most of the time you’ll find the red hand on any meat you acquire. Poaching and all that.
Maybe I’m just lacking the moral fortitude, but I long ago gave up trying to be a 100% honest Henry.

Still, I am going to keep trying, it saddens me that you have to give up on QUEST to keep trying. Maybe I find some way. The Johanka quest is going to be a pain in the ass, because she asks for food, 100 meat I think. And that quantity of meat without poaching? well…

You have to steal the hoof scratcher from a dead bandit for the main quest. Or did it got fixed meanwhile?


legal hunting

You can become hunter master of Talmberg to be allowed to hunt legally at the whole map. quest name “Hare hunt”

click for details

You dont have to steal it, I found the solution a couple of days ago, you just need to listen to the bandit’s conversation, and when they mention Ginger and you get the objective to look for him, go back to the stud farm and ask for him without talking with Bernard. And what do you mean by legal hunting? is that a possibility?

I search for the legal hunting part. It seems that there is a quest to become a royal huntsman, but i find as well that is bugged. lol. Im gonna try it anyways

I was hoping that I was not going to add anything else. But sadly, in the ques damsel in distress, you have to loot for the key or use lock-picks, and both are considered crimes. So i guess Esther will die of starvation in that tiny room.

Moar bad news, the letter that u need to enter the monastery, you can either steal it or pickpocket it. So there is another obstacle. It may be impossible indeed.

You can skip the monastery entirely. One of the novices simply needs to die. What I did was open the side door, and knock him out as he walked by. I then carried him out undected, and was hoping I could simply give him to the bandits. That didn’t work unfortunately, and he had to die. You don’t have to be the one to kill him though.

And how did you open the monastery door? Lockpicks, I suppose? That counts as a crime.

No, I opened it with the key. You can get the key by jumping in from the scaffolding. The key doesn’t count as being stolen.

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Awesome. Many thanks