1.3.4 patch: Nvidia Ansel doesn't work

As far as I understood the new patch added some Nvidia tool for screenshot making, when I first entered the game after update the window “press alt + f2 for Nvidia Ansel” showed up, but when I tryed to press alt + f2 the green Nvidia window appeared and said that my video drivers are outdated and I should update them before using this tool.
I did it, updated to the latest 391.24 driver (GTX 1070) and now Nvidia Ansel window doesn’t show up at all, and alt+f2 gives no result.
Steam version of the game.

Why so?

i don’t even have “press alt+f2 for Nvidia Ansel” window :-/

After the video driver update - me too…

I’ve read you have to revert back to an older version of the Nvidia driver to get Ansel to work.

GG WarHorse, just GG.

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Jesus :grinning: So, generally we should wait for the patch for the current patch, not bad Warhorse :joy:

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I have also driver 391.24 and the window “press alt+F2 for Nvidia Ansel” i don’t even have

I have 390.77 installed and Ansel Feature works (GTX760)

You can not install the newest Nvidia Driver over Geforce Experience Software to make Ansel and Shadowplay work properly. You have to unistall the driver and install it manually, otherwise the technology won’t work. In my opinion you don’t even need Geforce Experience at all. It’s a senseless bloatware you don’t need. So let Steam install the latest KCD Patch, then install the newest Nvidia Driver, which supports special KCD Optimization and you can use the awesome ansel-screenshot-technology in game.

So uninstall and install latest driver via nvidia website?

You’re right. And Geforce Experience center isnt necessary, for nothing :sunny:

I always do it manually and I’ve never used Geforce Experience. But even so, I see no connection between Ansel and the way you installed the driver. And also, devs must be fucking insane if they suppose that users should even think about such a things as reverting back to old versions of video drivers, installing it manually ot through the tool etc in order to make their game work.

It works for me, but the adjustment of the distance between the eyes for stereo screenshots, doesn’t have any effect.

It works fine, Update your nvidia experience. You must login to you nvidia accout to activate ansel. after loging you will be able to see in game overlay car in settings. enable photo mode in that. then you can use F2+Alt