1.9.2 Broke my mod

Hello. The new update 1.9.2 had the undocumented effect of changing the way items are repaired. Horse saddles can now be repaired with a cobbler kit, or by the cobbler.

I had made a mod that added new armor types to the game and they were previously repairable by the armorer kit. Now they can not be repaired.

Please tell me the location of the file that controls what armor types the different kits/shops can repair so I can update my mod.


Horse saddles have been repairable at cobblers or with kits since forever ago - but usually had only 1 durability so either needed no repair or were too damaged to be repaired by your own kits. Now they might have a more sensible durability, if they can have something other than perfect and “destroyed” but repairable.

I’m not sure whether there are other changes, as I haven’t revisited the pickables and armour tables since I lost their changes in a versioning error… but it is possible that your mod isn’t loading (moved to old_mods, or not loading due to ‘old’ version in your manifest) - check that it is loading correctly before spending too long hunting for undocumented changes.

You have it backwatds… Your mod is incompatible with the latest patch.

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