1.9 TEXTURES: Ugly Graphic on PS4 Pro - Thx for nothing -_-


going to the PCI slot would be a downgrade.
the current used GPU slot isn’t even Gen 3
I stand by my statement above on how the game is designed to run.
I don’t have the super highway and I don’t have the digital HP. Others barely have.


i have to agree with you, you know your pc way better than anyone else. and you already sound like you know what your talking about far better than i do. i just had to watch some videos about you stuff so i can better understand wich i still dont. i really wish i could help you bro.


Whitedragon was helping . Is how I got to OC to 4.3. but He disappeared from the forum and did not return an email


Nice, yea i remember him. i havent seen im in a while either. thats cool he helped ya though. well alrighty man ima hit the hay. ill see ya around on here bro.


Borderless drops my FPS significantly at least 10- 15 FPS if not more in some cases.


To be sligtly more precise. Her MB wasn’t bad.
She moved the card from a 4x or 8x PCI slot to a 16x PCI slot.
Makes an awful lot of difference on a game that needs bandwith as much as KC:D


konzole, power on! pamatuju si ty nechutně přehnaný reklami na ubohoučký xbox one a ps4.




konzole, power on! pamatuju si ty nechutně přehnaný reklami na ubohoučký xbox one a ps4.

Jaký je váš názor a v English. Použij Google Překladač ???


It’s not that KCD is optimized for high end system, it’s the fact that it uses CryEngine. CryEngine is one of the most demanding engines out there and is also one of the best. Optimizing this game would mean downgrading the graphics. This is a beautiful game. Of course it’s going to be difficult for most people to get high FPS. Anyone remember Crysis?? Most people couldn’t even play it. It wasn’t because it was poorly optimized it was because it used CryEngine and was one of the most demanding, beautiful games out there. Hell that game’s graphics looks better than some games today and it’s 11 years old.


Who else love tree porn?


the graphics are already downgraded*. so, it’s a bit of a distinction without a difference

if WH didn’t stress test or ignored stress test results and went ahead with marketing on consoles and mid-range PCs that’s on them

*-“Texture quality and streaming improved - in 1.6 version we lowered memory allocated to textures, which fixed many crashes, but lowered visual quality. We have now managed to implement a better fix that still prevents crashes, but has less impact on texture streaming. We know this is still an issue and will continue to address it in further patches. ”