100+ reasons why Dan Vavra hates TES V: Skyrim


60/40 chance is my guess


Gothic has nothing to do with the thread. So stop discussing it and make your own thread about it


The thread was dead. Till somebody replied to a four year old post.

Gothic looks good. Tell me more about this Gothic game.


It’s currently on sale at GOG.com for $2.50. :slight_smile:


Cheers for the heads up Keegan. the game has been
mentioned before as one of the best RPGs ever made. I can overlook the dated graphics if it is as good as people say.


That Game was built around a decade ago…right? No wonder why Skyrim was a bit buggy…for all the things it did?


Good isnt the right word. Brilliant, Perfect, Amazing in his depth.
AND you can download an dx11 api by Degenerated :wink: Oh yeah, for both, one and two!


No, don’t play Gothic with graphic mods like dx11 plugin or texture patches! Gothic is about atmosphere and the original graphics are the best experience!!! All graphic mods will just destroy that. Thre are games where graphic mods are improving the experience, but not for Gothic 1 & 2!!!

The only thing what you really need is the System-Pack. First install the PlayerKit and then the System-Pack that fixes a lot of incompatibilities and issues on modern systems and even add some improvements without change the original experience!!!

Gothic is the paradigm, the idol of all RPGs and gamedesign ideology in general.

There’s another thing you have to know to understand how the controls work. For actions press Ctrl plus one of the Arrow Keys. Not only Ctrl. And forget the Mouse.


No dont play bla bla…
Yeah you know it, Loser!


Don’t become ridiculous again. Gothic is my own flesh and blood, so I know about what I’m saying. This game is not about photo realistic textures and effects, it’s about atmosphere. A very unique atmosphere that only the original game with its old graphics will have.


I recommend the api. It makes it very nice.
Oh and it isnt adding new textures or similiar, only normal maps.
SSAO, Godrays, Blur, HDR and so on… they are all very decent and not to heavy.
You can adjust, enable or disable all effects with an ingame menu of this api (ctrl+f11)

For explanation, i can report a Gothic 1 situation with Landscape improvement Mods.
First one WoG user (today banned) was creating GLVM which improved the object count in the world and added all objects from Gothic 2, only a few poeple liked it and every High Skilled Modder on WorldOfGothic hated it, Today they all love such mods and many Unique Vegetation mods were created. I can tell you, first every Gothic “Fan” will tell you the same crap and after they all investigated these questionable modifications they find out, “Hey that is really cool and not trash like my ego was thinking”

So yeah @Chessqueen
The old GFX of them are unique in his style but dont say certain things are crap due of your missing knowledge. Gothic 1 and 2 are very beatuiful with/out DX11 api
You should not get ridiculous again. This should not a Must-Have recommendation. It is only a recommendation.


You can recommend all these mods to someone who already played the original vanilla game first. But not to someone who never played Gothic before! It doesn’t matter how “good” the game looks with dx11. I know that the visual quality get improved, but that’s not important for Gothic. When you want nice graphics, you can play The Witcher 3, but the fact is that Gothic 1 & 2 are about atmosphere and every mod would just change the impact from the original classic experience.

Good games does not need good graphics. Look at Silent Hill 1.


ja na klar und auch nur dann! icon_laughing


Janz jenau. Fremder tragen Ulu-Mulu in Hand, wenn gehen über Brücke.


Vllt sollte man es erstmal in Original Grafik sehen aber es soll ja leute geben die auch erst G3 gezockt haben und dann nicht so begeistert waren von der 1+2 Grafik. Aber nachdem man ihnen das ganze mit d3d11 + LHiver gezeigt hat, fanden sie es gäbe nichts vergleichbar schöneres. Und sogar Skyrim sähe wie dreck daneben aus. :stuck_out_tongue:
Und deshalb empfehle ich es trotzdem jedem.