100+ reasons why Dan Vavra hates TES V: Skyrim


Because this is organic and immersive game design. Not a dull skill menu.
You become ridiculous now. Gothic does not have conventional fantasy creatures. 90 % of them are realistic looking animals as they really could exist. If you hate all games with fantasy stuff, then play racing simulators.


Ogres rule G3. G2 is preparing for ogres. Things in the US are bad in some places but existential worries about ogres are not a RL concern

I don’t hate fantasy (ogres, dragons, magic). I just don’t find games predicated on their existence to be informative in making design improvements to KCD


We are talking about G1 & G2. And Ogres are some of the 10 % that are non realistic creatures.
But it’s enough now. You can continue trolling, that wouldn’t mean anything. Gothic is by far more like KCD than like Skyrim.


The G2 vid starts towards beginning of game. Immediately one runs into a goblin, massive bot flies, and a bear sized insect

Wolves have a home range size of ~150km^2. How does that compare with wolf density in Gothic


Uuuurrrggghhh, a bear sized insect. That’s a true no-goo!!! Better killing Draugrs and Vampires with sexy string tangas!

Play your boring games and be happy. Gothic is not for you.


Your reading comprehension is abhorrent

I’d like to play G1-3. Just as I liked playing Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age Inquisition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, Witcher 3, etc. The fantasy core of those games just isn’t useful in suggesting improvements to KCD


No, yours!
Look, you haven’t even played the Gothic franchise, so you can’t simply understand how it could be an informative design improvement for KCD (and all RPGs in general).
It’s now on GOG with a 80 % discount! Get it and play it. You just need some special medicine like the “System Pack” to get the best compatibility for modern systems such as correct wide screen aspect ratio, high resolutions, more FPS, working videos and many other fixes. Otherwise you will never understand and everything what you write is just nonsense.


If it’s not on PSN (PS4), can’t get it

That’s hogwash. I can watch Ancestors Legacy vids and come up with ideas for improving KCD^. I can also watch Gx vids and come up with some ideas^^. I gave you a chance to share your insight and explain. You refused.

^ - in KCD band of bastards DLC, formation (tight line, loose, v-shape, etc) and fighting tendency (offensive, defensive, blended) of the combat group/squad on Henry’s side should be a choice

^^ - Having watched Gx, it seems that those games are more dense (quest-activity/area). The farmer locale is painful on one hand (text tree funneling) but useful on the other (shares info). Info sharing is a bit of a weakness in KCD. Also, clothing as a social marker (can’t get into city dressed like that) is something evident in G2 but sorely missing in KCD’s version of medieval Bohemia (sad really as Vavra acknowledged in his talk in Poland … social structure was a lot more complex/hierarchical then)


It’s PC exclusive, but you don’t need a powerful PC.


I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t get your obsession with Gothic. I’ve owned and played all 3, and they weren’t my favorite, by far. I found them run of the mill, standard fantasy fare.

With the first Gothic released in 2001, I had already been gaming for over a decade by that point. If you really want to roll back the clock, take a look at Sierra’s King’s Quest and Quest for Glory series.

QFG in particular was a forerunner for the Action-RPG genre, introducing elements like day/night cycle, NPCs having their own daily schedule, and improving your character’s skills through practice. Beyond that, you could solve challenges differently based on your play style. Sound familiar? All of this was pioneered almost 30 years ago.

If you think Gothic was amazing, it was because it was standing on the shoulders of giants.


What’s this got to do with the topic? Stop derailing.


Gothic was inspired by Ultima 7, but it’s not like just a modernized version of it, rather a very unique experience you can’t compare with anything out there. I watched videos of Kings Quest, but sorry, it is even laughable to compare it to Gothic.

here is a good video why Gothic is better than other RPGs:

And also interesting a love letter about the world design:

And all these things are not only someone’s personal opinion - it’s a fact! This is the highest level of professional game design ever made.


Coming down with Gothic fatigue sickness… :weary::face_vomiting:


Come now, you can’t deride one individual for judging Gothic based on gameplay videos, then turn around and do the same for Kings Quest. Bad form, tut tut.

Seriously, though, are you getting royalties for all this promotion? Are you the original coder for Gothic, frustrated at it’s lack of fame?


Will some Forum Honcho PLEASE put this “member” length comparison contest to bed! :roll_eyes:


Okay, you guys are really ridiculous. For my part it’s end of the discussion.


Good night

Did I tell you i like magic, dragons and ogres but not in a game about medieval Bohemia?


Me too! Liked the W3 series. just like I like KCD as it is…non magical, non fantasy RPG


Enjoy it for what it is, rather than lament it for being something it’s not. Nice!

Can’t wait to get home and enjoy KCD for what it is…newly patched to 1.5! :smile:


Question of the hour: will Tobi and Rick make KCD fans lose their :poop: with their ashes/hardcore reveal at E3? Daniel didn’t give a strong build up in his latest update vid… :thinking: